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Onoro Kikumora (Completed)

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1 Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 4:38 pm

Name: Onoro Kikumora
Age: 17
Date of Birth: April/24
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics:
Cold Blooded: Onoro's blood ranges from a temperature of 10 degrees - 30 degrees.
Snake Tongue: Onoro's tongue can extend up to a total of 12 inches
Snake Charmer: Onoro is gifted with the ability to communicate with snakes of all kind.

Well, for starters he's a really cocky guy. I mean, he has every reason to be. He feels as if he's almost perfect, better than most people, and no need to even lower himself or his standards. Onoro also has horrible manners, if he feels something isn't right, he'll tell you right to your face, and even tell you how too fix it his way! He spends most of his time out and about, partying, and living wild, and from time to time training, or collecting/making money from doing...things... Most of the time he's a chill guy, usually angry when he doesn't have his daily smoke. He may sound like a self absorbed son of a... yeah, that word, but he's not.

He cares for anyone that has proven themselves worthy to him, furthermore, when he loves, he loves hard. Onoro is a very, very perverted guy, most of the time looking at all different types of girls, trying to find ways to enter their pants. I know, I know, you probably hate him right now, but once you get to know him, he's a really funny, and cool guy!

Onoro wouldn't call himself the leadership type that's for sure, but he wouldn't say that he couldn't lead a team, or whatever needed to be led into victory. Even if he did happen to lead something, he wouldn't be on top of his duties, he'd be slacking because he's a lazy guy who likes to chill, and smoke whatever doesn't kill you, but as a leader, Ono's first priority would be to dominate the opponents! Ono believes winning is the key to almost everything, and if he was even working on the time that they had to be the winning team. It was just the way the world worked. If you didn't win, you were useless. Ono not leading would be the best for the team, although once again, if the pay isn't high, he'll only give a half ass job.

Although Onoro is lazy, in battle he goes savage, He usually attempts to obliterate any and everything, often staying on the offensive side, and going in for the kill rather than relaxing and watching the flow of the battle. It's just his style to destroy and dominate. Excuse his boisterous attitude, but the heat of battle fires Onoro up, and there is not a lot of things that can stop him from roaring out mass amounts of power at opponents.


  • Fried Chicken: it tastes soo gooood
  • Smoking: Smoke once a day, keep the stress away
  • Partying: He's a party animal and loves a good time
  • Liquor/ Alcohol: He loves being drunk. Duh.
  • Snakes: He has never understood his relationship with them, but loves their company nonetheless.


  • Vegetables: They taste sooo nastyyy
  • Stink smells: Ew. Pew. Who likes stinky smells?
  • Birds: Birds are annoying and ugly and stupid and nasty and dirty and smelly.
  • Honey: Bittersweet, it tastes horrible.

Motivation: While not exactly having a care in the world about anything, Onoro will do almost anything for money. Money is the main motive.

Height: 5'11
Weight: 72 Kilograms
General Appearance: Standing at a 5 feet and 11 inches, there's absolutely no doubt that Onoro is a very tall male. Adding to his height is his slim weight of 72 kilograms (160 pounds), also giving him a slim figure though still a bit muscular. Onoro has a unique blue tint to his dark colored hair, often making the general color of his hair appear blue to most, though this is not entirely the case. Complimenting his unique colored hair is his bronze colored skin, much like his mothers. In addition, Ono usually wears very urban outfits such as sweaters, jeans, joggers and more stylish clothing.

Born to two young and dumb human beings, Onoro was left on the front steps of Maxwells foster care home just months after his birth. As if giving your child away and leaving them parentless wouldn't forge them into potential monsters. Maxwells foster home did all they could to keep Onoro in good shape despite his odd characteristics like his cold blood and extremely long tongue, but as he grew, they realized he was prone to trouble. No family would take him in due to his wreckless and disrespectful behavior, he was just a bad kid in general.

Ono would often leave the home without permission at all times of the day and night, robbing people and scamming innocent and ignorant folk. Onoro just didn't care, his heart was cold and his mind was only on the prize. At the age of 13 was when he finally ran away- well, not really since he was around the same area, but his life now belonged to the streets as he continued to steal, and scam.

As he got older, he evovled into a bigger sinner. He began gambling, of course scamming during gambles to make a larger amount of money- though this resulted in many gangs and organizations wanting him dead. At this point he knew that he had to get serious. At the age of 16, he began to teach himself the art of street fighting and a mix of martial arts as well as actively participating in parkour. He taught himself how to weild most weapons to secure his safety, though only to the point where he could use them. It was only then, that he realized what he could be, how much more money he could make.

At 17 years of age, he began to take on jobs which required him to steal from a certain organization, destroy organizations, spy, kidnap or find certain people, or take out organizations and gangs for money, eventually becoming a wealthy man. only the beginning.

RP Sample:
Mikuro From FTRP wrote:There, the white mysterious tigress stood on the roof of the Cathedral. Her body semi-transparent but her fur still seemed to move elegantly with the wind currents. During the split second in which the tigress blinked, Mikuro appeared before her, standing nonchantly with his hands at his side. The reaction of the spirit was much different than that of a normal person, instead of flinching, she stood there firm. This was to be expected considering she wasn't a normal being in the first place.

"You're a minute late, foolish human."

There was a moment of silence as the masked teenager refused to reply. She was a bit more sassy than he expected, but he wasn't here to like the Feline, he was only here to do a job. "Hmmm, Judging by your magical prowess, you're a mage of great talent despite your youthful age, Reminds me of LeeAnn Nakamura.." Again, silent. Mikuro really didn't care much for what the tiger was saying. Whoever LeeAnn Nakamura was was obviously someone of importance though, so he didn't say much...hell, he didn't say anything.

"My name is Seiri, the great white tiger spirit as you can see. I have summoned your presence for only one reason... to destroy those of the Byakko clan. I envy them, for reasons you don't need to know."

The white tigress spirit slowly began to make her way closer to the masked mage before stopping only 2 meters away. "Hm. Is that all?" In all honesty, the undercover light mage was ready to get down to business, but he did realize that there were still missing details that he would need in order to succeed. "No." she snapped at the very moment Mikuro finished his sentence, slightly catching him off guard but not enough to make him jump.

Her eyebrows slightly arched as she began to speak once more. At that very instant, Mikuro could see the hate, pain, and anger in her heart. Something pushed her to this point, but of course, it was none of his concern.

"Be careful...the Byakkos are strong and you should waste no time in exterminating them." The spirit pasued before briefly looking downward onto the town, then jolted her eyes back towards the young mage.

"There is one Byakko clan member that you may have a hard time with... His name is Tristan Byakko-Seiker. He has a gift, one that makes him a formidable foe against almost any mage, even those of high caliber, so take any opening you can against him."

With a gentle nod, Kuro turned away, causing his cloak to spin immediately after for a sort of  theatrical effect. He began walking towards the end edge of the Cathedral's roof, but was halted by the voice of his client, the tigress.

"Oh, and if you do come across a young Byakko named Scarlet, spare her life and bring her to me, I want to personally deal with her..."

"Yeah, yeah.

Face Claim: Aomine Daiki - Kuroko no basuke

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2 Re: Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:01 pm

Mmmmm bby. Ftrp charrie:

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3 Re: Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:04 pm

Please elaborate on your likes and Dislikes,  explain why you like or dislike that certain food/item ect.

Everything else checks out though, bump when done bby

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4 Re: Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:08 pm


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5 Re: Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:12 pm

Ok for birds, amd alcohol gonna need more description and if you throw in more description for the rest too that would be great. It's all too vague but mainly the birds and alcohol need fixing.

Bump when done

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6 Re: Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:17 pm

.-. Bump

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7 Re: Onoro Kikumora (Completed) on Tue Sep 01, 2015 8:20 pm

K approved FTRP app checks out.

1,000 zennies to you sir

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