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LeeAnn Nakamura {Done}

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1 LeeAnn Nakamura {Done} on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:38 pm

Name: LeeAnn Nakamura
Age: 17
Date of Birth: October 31st
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics: -Parasitc Plague: Born with a genetic magical illness given a curse through her family. It does not kill LeeAnn, but makes her suffer an enormous amount pain that causes her to either freeze up in pain in a paralysis state or go extremely hospitalized. A black-purple mark lies on her shoulder covering half of her face on her rights side down her arm. This continues to grow as time goes on through negative emotion.

-Guardians: Guardian are spirits that lie within a certain family line. They guide her spiritual and mentally as like a parent with her at all times yet a friend. There are two:

  • Kirara:

Kirara is a tall cat-like spirit with two tails and long fangs with a cream and black coat along with red eyes. In her cute form, she is a small kitten with the same features, but not saber fangs. She speaks with a British accent in a magure female voice. Kirara is overall rational and fair yet takes her role seriously as a guardian. She is a mother to LeeAnn.

  • Concord:

A navy blue and black demonic like lizard with a body of a dog. The top half of his face is all bone and shows he has no eyes or eye holes. He has teeth shown like shattered glass and a long tongue. Concord wears a dog collar and a black and neon yellow chocker. Her has a torn off back left leg showinnf a bit of bone. Along his lower end of his spine a black fin shows. Concord is very friendly and is not afraid to speak his mind. He is more of like a brother and best friend to LeeAnn. She provides an example of what not to do. He is very mischevious and agrees with LeeAnn on many things on society and shares many views.

Personality: LeeAnn is overall a mysterious person as she likes to act as a rebel against society and it's ways. She would always get into trouble as a kid because she wanted to cause trouble. But that eventually stopped when she grew older with a lot more responsibilities as a new adult. She has a dynamic personality from a hot-headed to a happy go-lucky persona. Though, she hides who she really is to prevent from getting hurt. She is still learning how to converse with people as Concord and Kirara are teaching her and honing her skills.

The girl does take her life seriously and keeps her promises no matter what. She never make a promise she can't keep. People go to her for help as she is always willing to help people, but not wanting any rewards in return due to her honor. She has a good heart and hates to do evil. Deep down, LeeAnn is truly a great person with all good aspect such as sweet laugh and very kind-hearted. It's just you have to dig a little or a lot deeper to get past the hatred againest humanity. LeeAnn loves to put on a professional front and is very serious. It's only how she was trained with very good manners and knows how to word things properly. She's very good with her words and etiquette that if she request people to give them everything they own to her. LeeAnn has also been known to have a hot-headed temper especially when people really piss her off.


  • The Unknown:

as strange as it sounds, she loves the unknown. What mankind doesn't know about and probably will never know about. The mysteries about the world really fascinate her and actually knows to a life long mystery whether ghosts exists. They do!

  • Family:

LeeAnn never grew up with a family but what she did have was Kirara and Concord as a parental figure. They never really could place a true human figure but were the next best thing. Anything close to her whether friends or family, she values the most.

  • Nature:

She hates how humans are and how that treated her in the past creating a sterotype of how they are. Nature seems to be away from all that. Its pure and full of life and happiness bringing joy to LeeAnn as she depends on it and it depends on her.


  • Evil:

Just what good does this do? What does this gain? LeeAnn views evil as something that no one can gain from it. She had seen it with her very eyes.

  • Society's ways:

After numorous counts, she was always reject from her disease to have hair to even the way she talked. No one seemed to take her seriously. During the school days, she was saw as the bully because of her low self esteem and the other kids would pick on her. She never met to society's standards as a 'normal' child. She was always rebellious against rules society or people set finding her own path and logic in functioning in life.

  • Her disease:

People saw her as a curse more than a gift. The disease was sought by a sight of a demon or at least what everyone thought. Really this was only a rumor. It wasn't true. Not only that, it has caused her multiple trips to the hospital and multiple medical bills Concord and Kirara had to figure how out how to pay for. It's nothing but annoying.

  • Guardians:

The very thing that has always been there when she had fallen. Her Guardians provide her the strength to move on. She lives to a noble title to make the proud no matter what. It's the least she could do for them.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 150 lbs
General Appearance: A tall young woman that stands tall and firm with herself. She usually wears a blue skirt with knight-like armor, which is only for show. It's more of a security to her. LeeAnn on occasion would wear a black tank top or white shirt with her blue skirt or blue jeans with sandels. In formal occasion, she would wear a purple or black dress with long white gloves with her hair up in a nice style. Lee is more of the tomboy though and wear boots with her armor and can get down and dirty. She has red crimson hair with brown eyes with the half of her face cover with the purple-black parasite and done her right side of her neck and on her full arm.

History: Born on the graveful day on Halloween during a dark night, LeeAnn was born to unknown family or parents. There was no parents around as her. No one, but the two animal-like spirits there to answer the baby's calls. From them on, LeeAnn was raised as a traveler by her spirits. Kirara, the guardian of the Sunlight, and Concord, Guardian of Acid and Disease. They took their own instincts to watch over the child since no one was there to help her. There was no sign of a parent or person in the world to care about her. Kirara and Concord were rejects by the gods and protected humankind what they could. Them two could relate to the LeeAnn's situation. All there was a name plate around her neck say Nakamura on it. Kirara named her Lee as Concord named her LeeAnn. From then on, she grew up from a toddler to a child. When she was only two, both of the guardians noticed something wrong with her face. They knew she had some sort of deform of her face. It was called the Parasitic plague, which was an extreme and rare disease that was said to be a curse in religion from the demons. But in reality it was in cureable disease passed through mutant and infected genes.

LeeAnn had to live constantly with a burning and pain throughout her body causing her to go in and out of the hospital with no sort of relief. The disease was like no one had ever seen, but Kirara. She had only seen this condition once and it was not good at all. It would feed off of LeeAnn's negative emotion, which was a plentiful source. Growing up was hard for LeeAnn. She had parents that were spirits and a strange disease that most looked at her as a curse human. Priests would find her as a demon sent and created by the gods and to be gone to hell. She was looked up with the face of evil rather than good. This made LeeAnn make up her mind about humans. She began to hate them regardless as they hated her. Though, few didn't look at her like that, but never said anything. Towns people would not serve her or charge her more because of their religious belief. Personally, she hated religion because of this. Unlike most children, LeeAnn never went to school, but instead learn everything from Kirara about history, mathmatics, cooking, and literature. Concord taught her self-defense, medicine, swordsmen ship, and fighting styles. Beyond that she took her own interest and excelled through their teachings. Most parents would be protective with their children and place rules on them for behavior. Kirara believed that life would teach LeeAnn from experiences. She would not place any rules on her but one was "Never lie to yourself". It was a life lesson in itself, but she would let LeeAnn figure out on her own. Without question, LeeAnn listened to her, but sometimes with certain orders such as "get the firewood" or "go into town and get some milk" she always did the opposite pulling pranks on the towns people with Concord. Concord was the prime example of what not to do. He was the brother instead of a father figure, which was fine with her.

At the age of 13, LeeAnn and her guardians were traveling to the next town over. They were a traveling bunch as Kirara would have LeeAnn ride on her back if she got tired and Concord prancing around the trail. A slave trade was ongoing pulling homeless innocents to sell them for profit. With LeeAnn's appearance, she was pulled into the situation. Apparently with everyone knowing what her 'mark' was, no one bought her in fear on getting on the god's bad side or getting back luck. Though, one man decided to buy her. LeeAnn fought thick and thin for her freedom. The man took her as into a church as she found out that this man was the presist of the town's church. The reason why she was bought to be killed or kept to appease the gods for her suffering. Literally, he would pour this liquid stuff on her that was suppose to burn or "burn away the evil". LeeAnn spent at least a two years in that place being held in chain and suffering from upmounts of torture only pushing her opinion on human beings further into hatred. During ceremonies in front of people, they would take her and throw holy water on her and do other things to torture her. Every night they would lock in the dungeon. The illness would get worse over time to the point sometimes she couldn't move at all from so much pain. Kirara and Concord would only make her comfortable. LeeAnn would always fight every night with the guards and even one time attacked the presist very hostile towards him trying to kill him or at least attempt. Usually, she wasn't one to kill someone, but that was one man she would kill. Finally one night, after long two years preperation she decided it was time. She had gather the needed materials to escape and honed a home-made blade out of scrape metal and unneeded wood. Kirara and Concord helped her escape from the church's dungeon in rags for clothing. Her spiritual parents decided to take the whole "demon act" and play as her summons to attack the church. That night there was a lot of bloodshed and no deaths. LeeAnn had barely escaped with her life as they had went to seek medical attention from a herb healer outside of town since no one would see her because of her marking and illness. The healer knew exactly what was wrong with her and was perhaps the first person to ever treat LeeAnn nicely. Kindly she healed LeeAnn fully letting her rest a few days time. From then on, LeeAnn remained traveling on her own letting her young mind grow and staying well away from human beings as possible with her utter hatred towards them or dislike.

RP Sample: In a private room just for him to relax, he sat in Jacuzzi with bubbling hot water opening his skin pours and cleansing him. His muscles relaxed finally as there was many knots in his back making his groan. It was a relief to have the muscles come loose, but there was many there still. Sinking lower with only half of his face showing. Lately, he was so busy that he hadn't seen Scarlet or Skylar. He had to admit those two he got mixed up since their names sounded practically the same. He would call one the other and so forth making his tongue twist with words and stuttering. Why did they have to act and sound the same? She took after her mother a lot, but had many of his qualities as well. Scarlet wasn't like one or the other, but both. It was a good balance. "No nothing. Just me and my me time. Ahhhhh" he said with a relaxing sigh at the end. He could be here all day if he wanted to which is what he was ttrying to do.

He didn't know if Skylar would recognize him since he had yet another appearance change for the fourth or fifth time in his life. This time he likd this new looks and this was going to stay. After drinking the courpus whatever potion, it changed his whole appearance. It as nice to have that his old self back as he was happier and not as moody. But he still felt stressed with the threats latey. As ca clan leader and higher rank of Fairy Tail, he would be looked at as to lead. All those eyes looking up at him and that stress made him snappier. He yelled at Scarlet a few times for disturbing him and making her cry. Tristan would try to apologize, but he knew she wouldn;t accept it.

"I am going to guess Skylar knows about this already. Scarlet is a tattle tail anyways" he whined a little. He sounded like a little kid. With a shrug he placed earbud in listening to loud music power by his lacrima mp3 player. He could hear anything as someone came into the room without him noticing. Half of his face would be showing at the rest of him was under water.

Face Claim: Erza Scarlet- Fairy Tail

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2 Re: LeeAnn Nakamura {Done} on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:42 pm

Completion bump

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3 Re: LeeAnn Nakamura {Done} on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:06 pm

Specify that the armor does not provide any protection (just cosmetic) For the sword, you can't have that until you purchase a sword as a weapon


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+1,000 Zeny


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