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Vilis Vesanus

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1 Vilis Vesanus on Tue Sep 01, 2015 1:20 pm

Name: Vilis Vesanus
Age: 17
Date of Birth: April/1
Gender: Male (has a large thrusting mechanism in-between his thighs if you weren't sure)
Special Characteristics: Sociopath, prone to psychotic bursts of anger and murder

Personality: Vilis Vesanus is a strange man, to put it simply. At one point, he seems like a fool, not taking anything seriously, and making a quip at every situation, even going as so far as to act frivolous. This can make people lower their guard's around him, simply thinking he's an idiotic jester who's only function in life is to mess around, taking life on a whim. You would not be entirely incorrect if you chose this course of thinking, all of that is true, he is a fool, but if you chose to also surmise that this is the sole constituent of Vilis's identity, you shall be in for a rather surprising development. Beneath all of the naivety is a person who takes joy in killing, and will be set off by even the most simplistic of arrangements, killing all in his path just for kicks. Wrapped in the mental barrier of a jester to protect himself and others, revealing a shroud of killer instinct underneath, he is Vilis Vesanus.


- Pie: Who the fuck doesn't like pie? What are you a savage?

- Combat: In both being a fool and a psycho, combat makes Vilis feel alive and it invigorates him, and thus he is unopposed to using combat to solve even miniature problems, and will seek out combat even at personal risk and when it seems irrational.

- Jokes: Vilis loves joking around in many situations, always being able to find the silver lining to life.

ex. "You lost both of your legs in a severe shipping accident? At least you don't have to get tired by standing or walking am I right?"


- Kill-joys: Vilis can't stand people who take life too seriously and act like they have a 10 ft pole driven straight into their ass.

- Peaceful solutions: Fuck peace, it only lasts like... 3 months until a new war starts... So what's even the point? Why not just kill everything and hope for the best that way?

- People who try to stop him from killing them: IS IT TOO MUCH TO FUCKING ASK TO JUST.... LET VILIS KILL THEM? WHY? WHY DO THEY PUT UP SO MUCH OF A STRUGGLE AND MAKE HIS LIFE DIFFICULT? In short, Vilis doesn't like it when people resist being murder, and this will only cause him to try and murder harder.

Motivation: Vilis wants a fantastic adventure filled with gold, murder, rainbows, and pie. He wants to go forth finding out exactly what the world has in store for him.

Height: 0.0018388 Kilometres Tall
Weight: .06 Metric Tons
General Appearance:  Upon encountering this fine gentleman, the first thing thou would observe is that he was equipping a rather strange raiment of crimson and pitch black, that deserves the title of skin tight. This leaves everything to the imagination on what should lay beneath this wrap of his mortal frame. While it is acknowledged inquiring as you may be about his body underneath the getup, true to the fact that this attire will be what he will almost evermore be wearing, it shall be prejudiced on being described first and foremost. Covering where optics are made way for in Vilis's ensemble, are twin opaque circles, standing out in what would otherwise be an ocean of wine. Resident in the off-centre area of his trappings, there is more rayless intensity making the way past maroon hue. Do not misjudge this entire gear allocated to his form as sheltering to Vilis's anatomy, as the only thing it protects is his wish for acceptance. The rearmost comment most plausibly piqued your concernment. Nether his garb reveals a largely defaced body, from head to toe, he pertains to a imposingly damaged body, with the only thing that marks him as humanistic being his teal eyes. This realizes the reason that he consistently readies his wardrobe to sheath his figure.

History: The story of Vilis is not for the weak stomached, so if you are prone to crying or vomiting when shit gets real, stop reading now. Thou hast been warned, ON TO THE HISTORY!

Vilis was born as a son to a loving mother and father, who made sure that he never suffered too much as too wail and complain. In other words, Vilis was kind of a little bitch who needed constant care to not cry and annoy his parents. As he grew up, he ended up calling wolf a lot, and didn't have much in the way of skills due to relying on his parents for everything. When he was 10 years old, he was well on his way to being another useless member of society. That was until, guess what? You know it's coming. Something TOTALLY original happened to Vilis in his history. Wait for it......

A bandit clan attacked his village! Totally new and original right? More to the point, a bandit clan attacked Vilis's village, and killed most of his family, and took the rest away to work as slaves. Now, as you'll remember, Vilis was useless, protected by his parents, and since they were killed in the bandit attack. Needless to say, Vilis made a shit slave, he couldn't lift, didn't know how pleasure old dudes, he was kind of useless in every scenario. Finally, he was sold by the bandits to a torturer who had pleasure in torturing people to death, where his fate was to be tortured to death.

The torture he was put through changed him, both physically and mentally. Physically, he became disfigured, a chore to look at, although this didn't effect his abilities, just his looks, mentally he also became twisted. The foolish part was to deal with the pain, not taking what happened to him seriously at all. The psychotic part was the manifestation of the torture into his mind. With these changes, Vilis managed to escape and overpower the unsuspecting torturer. His first course of action was to backtrack to the bandit camp, and kill all of the bandits in their sleep. He was applauded for his efforts by the other slaves, loving him and rejoicing him, not minding his looks too much. Vilis responded by killing the other slaves that were once his childhood friends.

As he tried to integrate back into society, he found that people would reject him based on his marred appearance, and had to put on his red and black suit of clothing.

On his 17th birthday he decided to become an adventurer and follow the path of murder and adventure.

So the tale of Vilis Vesanus begins.

RP Sample:
From a Naruto site:
Regos woke up in his bed. He groaned, he didn't want to wake up this morning, a lot. Ugh, he sighed, another day another dollar he supposed. Time to get up and earn his living as a chuunin. Chuunin... It was unfamiliar to him now, since just recently, about a week ago, he'd been installed to the rank of chuunin. Now what? He was supposed to be something the village relied on, he didn't know if he was worthy of that responsibility, and just wanted to serve his god, though he supposed he was stronger than the average Genin, so it was natural that he'd make Chuunin.

He'd received a letter for his next mission, his first as a chuunin, he'd started off with something easy, a normal C-Ranked mission. As he was eating his cereal, he looked over the details. Seemed that a Genin had decided to strike it out as a nuke-nin for whatever reason. Anyways, it had fallen onto Regos to bring him back into the village, dead or alive. Killing seemed a bit extreme for a runaway Genin, but he guessed that desperate times caused for desperate measures. If the Genin gave him too much trouble to bring him back alive, he would have no option but to dispatch of him.

He looked into the dossier a bit more, it seemed that he was dealing with Yokkuto, a Genin who graduated top of his class, specialized in taijutsu, described by friends in the past month to have grown angry at the world, and at the village, saying it was useless, and he could do better things, but nobody believed that he was actually going to run away. Regos sighed and armed up, hidden blade, kunai, explosive tags, binoculars, wakizashi, and ninjato. He exited the village gates, to prepare to start tracking. Seemed he walked out in broad daylight, so it was easy to be pointed in which direction to go, Regos sighed and started on his way out.

It was Genin season.

Face Claim: Deadpool, Marvel

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2 Re: Vilis Vesanus on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:14 pm

Completion bump

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3 Re: Vilis Vesanus on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:35 pm

I would prefer people NOT being deadpool.

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4 Re: Vilis Vesanus on Tue Sep 01, 2015 2:44 pm

And would prefer BEING Deadpool, your point?

Not like I'm gonna go running around with a healing factor or breaking the 4th wall or anything that Deadpool's known for, it's just a FC

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showcase of Deadpool's awesomeness

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