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How to pass the time.(Open)

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1How to pass the time.(Open) Empty How to pass the time.(Open) on Fri Sep 11, 2015 12:20 pm

Valsinder found his way eventually it had been a really long time, Sure being lost was a bad thing in mind but you figure out how to also pass the time. He had an idea of what to do while he was here.

Surely with a port time places to relax and sit down outside were he bought himself a small piece of wood, like a section that was just a circle he bought there was nothing special just a oval piece of word really could not be used for fire wood or anything. That is what most people thought or he would make himself a wooden shield.

But he would found himself a place he would set up what he bought the wood for, throwing his knife at like a target for practice of throwing it to pass time, It was a game/sport to Valsinder, He never really made up points or how some one won because all he ended up doing was playing alone, in the early hours of the evening just as per-normal of Valsinder to play this little pass time of his, Maybe with a bit of luck some one would join him.

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