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1Akihiko Nakamura [Finished] Empty Akihiko Nakamura [Finished] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 8:39 am

Akihiko Nakamura [Finished] 157931-trunks

Name: Akihiko Nakamura (Aki to family and some friends)
Age: 19
Date of Birth: September 25th
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: Aki is a mute, in that he cannot speak. His vocal apparatus functions to an extent, allowing him to grunt or hum to get people's attention, though that is it. He tends to carry a pen and paper with him to convey what his facial expression cannot. He can laugh, though there is no sound, instead simply raspy breathing.

Personality: Despite being mute, Aki is actually a rather laid back individual. He enjoys being around those who make a lot of noise, the louder the better, for he cannot speak himself. He enjoys those who are especially funny. He himself is quite the prankster. Using his inability to speak, and his ability to convey what he means through facial expression, to pawn off blame for things on other people. This usually only works when he exploits that people thing because he is mute he is an angel.

He is a noble creature, believing in taking the high road--to an extent. He dismounts his moral high-horse when he believes the greater good is at risk. He has no qualms breaking laws if he feels that the end result will be better for everyone: i.e. killing a corrupt politician if he's just going to buy his freedom anyway.

When it comes to the opposite sex he is actually rather quite flirty, if he finds them attractive. Sadly this comes off as creepy at times, as he must grunt to get their attention and then wiggle his eyebrows. This usually ends him in more trouble than it's worth, in the long run. Though he would never admit it, the need to talk to attractive women stems from abandonment issues, having never had or known a family of his own.

Overall, Aki is a very down to earth and lovable person who believes that the best of times is when he is surrounded by those he deems friends and family.


  • Loud People - He prefers friends who can make enough noise for the both of them.
  • Pretty Women - Even though it always lands him in trouble, he still has to try. Nothing ventured is nothing gained!
  • Fighting - He has a rough streak running through his gentle soul, enjoying a good scrap.


  • Orphans - It isn't that he dislikes the orphans, he dislikes that situation that they were put in, and the fact that they are in that situation.
  • Unnecessary Cruelty - Sometimes it is necessary, though when it exceeds the limit, when someone is just cruel to be cruel, he cannot stand it.


  • Find his Family - Aki has no recollection of his family, or even if he had siblings. All he has is his name, which was pinned to his shirt in his earliest memories.
  • Personal Hero - Being mute is a sizable handicap, though he has worked around it to the best he could. He wants to, eventually, be seen as someone's hero: someone they can rely on or call for help no matter what.

Height: 172 cm
Weight: 64 kg
General Appearance: Standing just under six feet, Akihiko is rather tall--though he never exactly filled out. His muscles are lean and shaped, but he never really put on weight. Perhaps this is because he grew up an orphan in poverty, or because he simply was never meant to. His hair is long, haven't been cut in years, and lavender in color. It is tied back at the base of his neck in a stubby tail. His bangs hang to his chin and frame his face, though a few awry strands simply do their own thing. His eyes, an icy blue, appear much more intense than he would like.

His skin is well tanned, having spent most of his childhood out doors. He tends to wear dark color only, preferring black and dark blue. During winter months he wears a dark blue coat over his black shirt and black pants. His boots are usually a dark tan or black altogether. He carries, or wears, a sword (depending on how he feels that day). The scabbard is a worn leather, a cracked and faded orange.

During summer months he casts off the jacket and prefers to wear only a tank top for freedom of movement.

History: Aki grew up on the streets of Payon Town, never staying in one place for too long. His earliest memory that he can recall is standing underneath a tin shelter to stay out of the rain. He wore a shirt that was far too big for him and shorts with sandals, his name pinned to his shirt via bobby pin. Since that day, being unable to speak, he simply scavenged for food where he could and avoided most people altogether. His occasional run-ins with other homeless were less than encouragable, as most were willing to seriously injure or kill for food or money that his nimble fingers could acquire.

As he grew up, however, Aki found that he eventually would have to fight to survive, and not in the metaphorical sense. And so, he hung out at many martial arts dojo, watching as people trained and practicing himself in secret. What he developed was a martial arts stance and style that mixed everything he had picked up. And so began his taking what he needed to survive, and spreading it to other orphans when he could.

A fateful day brought him into the ownership of his sword, having been caught by one of the martial arts instructors when peeping in on a session. The man told Aki that he had seen him doing such a thing for years, and that if he was able to successfully fight him in a sparring match for two minutes, he would award him of anything he chose. Aki managed the feat, quite a task for someone who never received actual training, and chose the sword on the wall--he carries it with him to this day.

Aki still wanders the roads, traversing the land as he sees fit, looking for his family. He bathes in local streams and lakes, having no place to call home. He steal when it's necessary, and does odd jobs for money to pay for food and such.

RP Sample: Aki laid back on the grassy knoll. His sword, dubbed Durandal, rested next to him peacefully within it's leather home. His arms folded behind his head, his blue orbs stared up at the clouds in the sky. As he lazed about the sounds of duress reached his ears and he lifted his head slightly, staring down past the tips of his boots. He caught sight of a homeless girl he knew lived in the area being harassed by two of the elder men that also did. This type of thing wasn't uncommon, no matter what town. It was likely she found something decent that was still edible, or some money, and they were trying to bully her into giving it to them. Or they'd just take it by force. She was rather short, and somewhat frail looking, so no doubt the older heavier men could over power her if need be. Unless she had some sort of combat training, but he watched as they shoved her and she fell to her rear. Okay, so, no combat training. Rolling his eyes he huffed and sat up, securing Durandal has he trudged down the hill. Reaching the stone path at the bottom, he hoisted the sheathed blade so that it was on his shoulder. He looked between the two, a small smirk present. As the older men spotted him he merely raised his brows and moved his shoulder, bringing attention to the sword. Thinking better of it, the older men grumbled and moved on. Reaching into a pocket he secured his remaining silver coin and then offered his hand to the down girl. As she took it, he slid the coin into her palm. She blinked at it, looking from the shiny piece as she turned it over in her hands, back to him. He merely shrugged and gave a wink before he began a mosey pace back down the path, whistling as he went.

Face Claim: Future Trunks - Dragon Ball Z

FTRP Link: It seems my character was placed into inactive, I cannot see the character's original app anymore. Please advise.

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Just fix the coding error beside Dislikes and also add your ftrp profile link at the end of your app, thanks

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