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The Next Errand [Quest: Errand for a Blacksmith Pt. 2 | Private]

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Kenjiro was about to leave when Mr. Kato suddenly held the end of his right shirt sleeve and pleaded for another request. "Uhmmm... I'm really thankful for the magical powder from the creamies, but the ingredients I need aren't complete yet." Kenjiro faced the old man yet again, with a hint of interest for the next thing he would say.

"Aside from the magical powder of the creamies..." Mr. Kato again looked around for any hint of a person aside from them that could be eavesdropping nearby. He then lowered his voice once more and continued his request. "...I would also be needing the newly shed old skin of rockers. I burn them along with the metal and the charcoal, and the serum it produces upon burning mixing with the steel alloy further increases the ingot's tenacity and also makes it more easy for the alloy to be bent accordingly. I need you to collect them as well. I assume you have seen them on the same forest where you collected the powder. This is the time of the year where most of them shed their old skin anyway so you won't have a hard time looking for it. Only, becareful not to be caught by the Rockers for they tend to be aggressive during the time of changing their skin." Without thinking twice, Kenjiro agreed to the errand and left as soon as the old man told him all the he need to know.

He hastily left the town and went back to the forest near Izlude, keenly searching for the Rockers, but also vigilant not to be caught off guard. He already saw some of their skin while he was walking along the forest path but as the old man carefully told him, he must get the skin as soon as possible after the rocker shed it off. He skulked through the forest, hiding himself behind trees for he can still see a lot of creamies that hover around. He can see some rockers as well but the ones he saw doesn't seem to be shedding off their skin or perhaps the ones that he saw lying around are theirs.

It took him a few hours till he finally saw at least two rockers, just in time when they both are in the final stage of shedding off their skin. He need not wait that long for as soon as their skin dropped the ground, they both skipped away and quickly disappeared from his sight. He happily ran towards the newly shed off skin, lucky to have found two sets of skin as his first collection. He carefully walked around again, trying to look for another rocker that is shedding off his skin. It didn't take long when he saw another one but this time, it seems that it just began with the process. The rocker simply lied in the ground like a crawling bug with it's face falling flat to the earth. After just a few seconds of idly lying down, it's skin start to discolor and then show off some wrinkles. It is after this when the rocker started to wiggle off violently. After a few minutes, some slits started to show from the top of the rocker down to its legs. It took another few minutes for the skin to slowly separate from its skin and drop by the ground. It continued to wiggle and finally stood up till all its skin fell, still as a whole on the ground beneath it. Like the previous two, the rocker left as well, as soon as its skin was shed off. The next two set of skins didn't take that long to find, making him return to Sato within a shorter span of time compared to the creamy's powder.

He joyfully ran back towards Izlude town and into the shop of Mr. Kato. Mr Kato again cheerfully met Kenjiro upon seeing the skins on his hands. Mr. Kato gave him another handful of zennies as his reward.

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