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Taking on Kin[Quest]

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1 Taking on Kin[Quest] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 12:55 pm

Kharen waited patiently inside the barracks of the town guard. He had heard rumors of a thief and headed here to see if he could get a reward. After waiting around a few minutes a scruff old man with a greying beard and brown hair walked in."So my men tell me you want to catch our little thief for us.? Is that right?" The man asked looking Ryuu up and down not seemingly pleased at what was before him."Dead or alive sir. Ryuu said casually."Sergeant Walker. So the specs on our dear thief is that he's just some petty robber. Despite this he still pretty good and has escaped our grasp. He usually strikes near the large market area" Sergeant Walker said finally as Ryuu headed out with a salute. Ryuu knew how to deal with another thief even if he wasn't a professional. His old childhood forced him to steal to survive. But he never pulled of heist or stealing artifacts Of course he planed to get back in to the trade and accomplish those things but that was another time and another story.

Ryuu waited at the huge market place blending in to the crowd. He watched for unsuspecting victims and shady characters alike. He noticed a old lady by herself slowly counting a zenny from a small bag and watched her carefully. As dark figure moved and the bag was gone Ryuu was on his tail. He followed behind the figure through the crowd heading forward with versatility as to not lose sight of him. The figure broke out in to a run jumping over a stand as Ryuu did the same keeping up with him. This went on for a while in they ended up in a alley way. The figure now cornered turned around revealing a masked guy who had a knife pulled out. Ryuu in response pulled his own knife out at the guy dashed forward with a fast thrust. The blade scratched Ryuu's cheek as slashed at the guy not losing any balance. He wasn't gonna hold back against this guy so if the guy died, it was only his own fault for trying so hard to kill Ryuu. The two continued to trade blows causing minor cuts here and there as the fight prolonged. The sound of metal clashing and sweat filled the air before Ryuu saw an opening to sink the blade in to the guy's shoulder making him drop the knife. Before he could could run Ryuu also stabbed his left calf before the man fainted from blood loss. Picking him up Ryuu made his way back to the barracks before dropping the guys body in front before walking inside. He called for Sergeant Walker who had his man take the guy before he rewarded Ryuu with slight fear in his eyes from seeing the two injuries he gave the thief. "I hope I met your expectations sir." Ryuu casually said before walking off to find something else to do.

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