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Human Nature (Open)

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1Human Nature (Open) Empty Human Nature (Open) on Mon Sep 07, 2015 7:47 am

Nature was pure and alive away from the civilized town. It's that only thing that could define LeeAnn's happiness. Nothing could ever break that happiness only if a human had shown. Birds tweeted and chirped as she fluttered her thought into pictures of nature. A drawing of the local wildlife such as foxes, birds, mountain lions, and other strange creatures she came across. Kirara, who stood in her small cat-like form only as big as a six week old kitten, sat on her daughter's shoulder looking down at her daughter's drawings. They were really good and beautiful at that. "You think it's good enough, Mom? The crane's head seems to be small than the rest of the body" she said. She called Kirara, mom, because she was raised by her instead of a regular human parent.

Kirara smiled at the sketch as she shook her head. "No, it's good the way it is. Take a break lunch is ready"[/color] she said. They were outside of town refusing to stay in a hotel due to what would happen with the town's reaction. The horrid thing on her face would continue to grow until her last breath. There was no way to get it off or to ease the suffering. No healer not even a skilled one could remove this from what Mom had said. LeeAnn closed her sketchbook and walked back to the campsite. Concord sat there with he wooden spoon in his mouth stirring the pot of stew. It smelled good as ever making her starve. "All done. Eat up guys" he smiled. LeeAnn set out the dishes and utensils and they all three poured themselves the stew full of chopped of carrots, potatoes, and peas. The sweet taste in her mouth made her melt and smile. Afterwards, she cleaned up as that was one of her chores and watched the dishes in the stream nearby. She let the pot, bowls, and utensils dry in the sunlight back at camp. LeeAnn like her style of life, she lived on her own, happy with what little she had, no money to pay for bills and unneeded items and many other things. She never understood why humans made things so complicated than they weren't suppose to be such as the cost of living. She never really understood but honestly she never cared. All she cared about was herself, her guardians, and nature. Humans could go choke on an apple for all she cared. They treated her like scum because she was different making up her mind that all humans were bad.

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2Human Nature (Open) Empty Re: Human Nature (Open) on Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:16 pm

He would just be background noise walking in the area."Figures, I go do a few things for work thennnn...I get lost on my way back, Just my luck huh reality?" He mentioned to himself walking around this vague outside area of the town he was just in to get some work. He also wondered why he was talking to himself or mentioning things to himself there was not a single point in doing so.

During his trailing and getting lost he did not make eye contact but he did notice some one washing something in a near by lake, He realize he might be close to town if there we're people or a single person near by maybe he was close but he would never know until he actually found the town."But I guess there are signs that maybe things are in my favor.

But thinking about it for the moment Valsinder walked over to the lake and let out a sigh, not that he was sad or annoyed just normal feeling and thoughts of how he could get lost and it was a wonderful to forget in five minutes.

Upon kneeling down on one knee into the water he just dunked his head into the water, to cool himself off, It was a break form walking and such it would be short.

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3Human Nature (Open) Empty Re: Human Nature (Open) on Mon Sep 07, 2015 4:56 pm

LeeAnn heard footsteps behind her tensing up every muscle. She hated people as her anger pulsed, but she confined every her anger to suppress it for the time. A long deep sigh came from her quietly. Chills went down her spine as she thought about human males. Though she was human, she hated her kind after all the shit she had been through. Her mind was well made up. There was a reason why she didn't stay in town. Her long crimson hair went down to her hips as elegant as anything. Everything about her was perfect except that black-purple mark covering hte right side of her face. Though the man couldn't see it as had her back turned.

"Concord I have the dishes all clean. I am going out for a walk" she called out to her guardian. Concord only called back with a groan of approval as he was still sleeping or trying to at least. She walked on a boat dock made of old ricky wood. This was her thinking spot as she decided to sing softly of a nice celtic song that she heard from Kirara all the time singing.

Her armor she worse to cover her body after times of being teasre ad looked it. It helped cover the mark on her arm. Though, it didn't help at all. Then the singing stopped hearing the water move hoping it was just an animal or something. From the corner of her eye, she saw the man still there. She gripped her fingers and tried so hard to not release her temper. "Supress it..god I hated humans" she whispered very quietly.

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4Human Nature (Open) Empty Re: Human Nature (Open) on Tue Sep 08, 2015 1:07 pm

Upon lifting his head out of the water Valsinder did stare but he seemed like he was not going to say anything well looks were like it but he did really want to ask how far away town was so he could at least make his way back there knowing were to go and not feel like a fool roaming around saying derp the whole time.

He would at least allow himself catch his breath first after all he did just stuck his own head in water and left himself sitting there exposed for a moment until he could not breath anymore, He felt rather refreshed he took his time and a total of three inhales and exhales then got onto his feet, Stretching out all Valsinder thought was.*Okay this can't be that bad just act casual.*

Valsinder was really not the person to bother others unless he really needed something, in situation he would suck that up and take a risk, Letting out a noticeable exhaled sigh Valsinder would make his way over but he would at least remain about, 5 feet away just in case, that is if the lady did not run again because an unknown person was going towards them."I am sorry to trouble you,But I am in fact lost due to my own stupidity, If it does not trouble you too much how far away from the closest town am I and which way?"He would ask he seem polite and admitful that he was lost, hopefully this went well.

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