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1 Karisa on Sun Sep 06, 2015 8:00 pm

Name: Karisa Nakamura
Age: 17
Date of Birth: Oct. 31st
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics:

Guardians: Guardian are spirits that lie within a certain family line. They guide her spiritual and mentally as like a parent with her at all times yet a friend. Karisa has multiple although mainly two. They both have their own human looking form and their creature form.

Aza'zel: He is the only male guardian she has even though he is the ruthless and grim one upon what most would call like the Reaper or even death. He sees what fits for Karisa and gives judgement on those who she asks opinions upon. Just like Anastasia, they've been there with her since she was born sharing their opinions and guiding her way towards her goals.

Anastasia: She is the delightful and cheerful one in all situations as she always finds the positive in all things. She enjoys teasing Karisa in trying to make her smile in the most happy and positive way unlike Aza'sel. She has a body and mostly actions as well as voice of a child.


Being and feeling Queen Bee she likes to feel dominate towards beings that she feels should be in the lower class. She doesn't care of peoples words as she doesn't take anyone seriously unless they're family but due to her family disappearing from the accident years ago she no longer cares. Karisa laughs and cheers towards a kill or a dominate beat up as she enjoys watching and feeling pain herself. In her moments she is calm and cold towards people like a cold dark queen. Rarely does she get shy or act happy (other than towards pain and people's stupidity) besides when it had to do with her big sister.

In the last level of her system she has some care towards those that step to the level of respect. She respects power and riches as well as those who can stand on their two feet in case of needing to lean on someone.


Riches and  Power: She loves those who have power and riches which she tends to love the feel of it as well. It makes her feel alive and well as well as young.

Food: She's the type who was able to eat more than a farm of food at a time. She loves all kinds of food as mostly spicy foods.

Music: Something that she shared with her guardians she loves to play music as well as to listen to it, making her feel calm.


Disrespect: She dislikes those who disrespect her and disrespect respectful people. She hates those who ignore unless it's unintentional.

Animal Cruelty: Although she can be a super hardcore cold bitch she can't handle listening to an animal cry and be in pain as she has a weak point towards such creatures unless they hit her first.

Distractions: She hates when things get in her way or when her guardians, people and creatures are distracting her from her goals and what she wants. 


Dominance: Karisa wishes to someday sit on a throne with servants everywhere listening to her ruling filled with males and/or females. This dream keeps her going and proud of who she is.

Musician: She wishes to play some serious violin and piano as well as sing to where all enjoy it. She goes to where she uses her abilities to power cord, making it sound electrical and powerful.

Height: 5'9''
Weight: 142lbs
General Appearance:

Karisa wears about anything and everything as she isn't too picky of clothing choices. She would be ready for anything and everything right at that moment. she enjoys the ability to change things so often. Karisa has a tattoo that is hidden well and is invisible to most as she uses her clothes to hide it. It glows as well as her body or a certain section when wanted or given in time of need. she mainly wears boots of different types and is wearing something to keep her long bangs up in the middle part. Although her favorite clothes are mostly with the colors of red, black, purple and blue.

Born within walls of cold stone and no parents around she would always sit on her chair of loyalty and riches made out of a group of assassins and thieves. Her family would always tell her stories of when she was younger and finding her alone as a baby. Karisa was cherished and loved throughout the family of them as even once she was kidnapped and instantly those kidnappers were killed and tortured. Some would call her the princess of them all even though she does nothing but sit there, play music and cook them food. She would also give them advice on anything that was needed as she would never hold anything back if she thought something.

She didn't know much of her actual family or if they were even alive so she didn't think of them much. She mainly had her guardians as well as her foster family as she technically sees them as real family. She searches though to see and to learn of anything that has to do with her blood related ones. As she grew older she learns to do magic of her own which unlike the other family members she uses spells instead of tools and weaponry. Time goes by faster as she finally turns of age of when people of her kind go out in the world and live alone to come back later to tell stories.

When she finally turned seventeen she would walk back to her home as her eyes were lit up it was into flames. She glared as she ran forth towards it with her guardians as they went to find survivors. She felt remorse and clenched her fists as she would find who did this. Going into the burning building she felt movements from her bare feet and the vibrations of the wooden floors. Looking there was one alive telling her that it was some unknown woman with a cloak, visor and there were some others that lived, hid well and so forth. Karisa goes searching ahead to see if she could and will be able to find anyone and as time goes by, she does find more of her assassin friends..but no one blood related.

RP Sample:

Karisa looked down at the ground as she was thinking on what to do. How should she start this training and will it always turn out just training? Something within her heart was turning a little dark but she couldn’t let her light just dim out just like that, no. She had to keep on being lightful and positive and her innocence being bright like the stars. Although right now the darkness, the rain was pouring over her and her body as well as the one that was walking, running or jogging towards her. She would smile and smirk hidden as she would then form a calming sweet smile. She saw him looking rather different than last time although not much, was it the face? She would smile as her long beautiful ocean hair was partly covering her face while in the process of swaying with the winds of the gods itself were waiting impatiently. She looked up at the darkening sky as if she was silently telling them to be patient.

Giggling sweetly she waved back as she would lift her hood up to reveal her beautiful shining eyes of pinkish red. She listened to him as on how shes been as last time they met, Manzo interrupted their date in which he left her behind. She understood why he did that and he probably didn’t expect her to leave the guy behind either.

Slowly backing up she smiled, ‘’I’m…I could be better…I guess…Forgive me viden..but..’’ she started as she would bring out her bow and arrow as she would point it towards him. Jumping back she would fire a single fire arrow at that she would make land next to him. After jumping back about several meters and ran back so they were now about 20 meters apart. Her feet moved in position of being ready for anything right now as she wanted to warn him of their training fight before it even started as slowly the area would now start to arise and the area then went completely white filled with a foggy mist.

Face Claim: Meiko-Vocoloid

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