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Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals]

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1Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals] Empty Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:25 pm

Allie started to go towards the area of town upon the square as she felt like she needed to go there for some reason. She sighed softly as she felt the wind go across her face that was not visible to anyone. She didn't and wasn't so sure on what she would find upon this day but then a piece of paper hit her face, covering her vision. Sighing a little irritated she then saw the paper and started to read it seeing that it was to help out a female to slay somethings and get somethings and then bring it back to the girl. She thought of needing some money and thought that maybe it would be fun to do as well.

Going towards the area on where the woman was she was then waiting for the other two that were going to arrive and take this with her as she already contacted them. Usually she doesn't go with people and do stuff but she felt like she should try something new. Allie felt the need to also get to know someone new as well as get to knew her fellow guardians.

She looked at both Hikaru and then at the other one named or nicknamed Vals and then looked forward. Tree by tree they would walk as when she hit the shadows it was if her body disappeared but really didn't. The breeze felt nice, amazing and it was a perfect day. She wished there was more talking between this little trio. Her eyes spotted the savage making her climb the tree and waited for the perfect time. It slowly crept towards where she was as she then jumped off the tree and grabbed ahold of it, slitting its throat and rolled off. Sighing softly she would then get up and slowly walk to where she heard oinks that were a little cute. She made a small smile as she grabbed two and the others would grab one. Slowly walking towards Jill she would give Jill them as Hikaru and Vals would give the others. Finally getting the reward she would then go on her way, separating.


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2Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals] Empty Re: Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 5:42 pm

Another mission wasn't bad. After the success of the last one how could anyone possibly say no to one. Hikaru was prepared for this one, and followed the two. He felt like Allie was a Guardian who was very capable of handling things herself. Hikaru didn't comment much on it but only followed as he watched Allie wondering things about her. He was excited for the future with these people, it would be fun. Finally they all arrived, to the place where they found the savages. Literally Hikaru was captivated by it for so long the next thing he noticed is allie jumping from the sky slitting his throat. Hikaru jaw dropped watching her as she walked over and did a 180 change from slitting a savage throat to treating the baby savages as her own. Hikaru couldn't help but smirk as he walked over, grabbed one of the baby savages and brought it back to the client. Following that he was rewarded, and decided to take a few more request with Allie seeing as she knew a lot more about combat than Hikaru could ever imagine.



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3Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals] Empty Re: Animal pick up [Mission:Hikaru:Vals] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:11 pm

Another job another time to pass, Collecting a few and killing of another for food, easy job knowing Valsinders luck the job would be done before he had a chance to really do much. It not as much luck as it well people just showing up before him and doing the job for him. Valsinder did not mind maybe it was a good thing he did not rush head first into work all of the time.

When he got up the lady of this small group of people that have never spoken a word to each other had already killed what was needed to be and dealt with the other part letting out a sigh himself there was not much to do.



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