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RPG Character Classes

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1RPG Character Classes Empty RPG Character Classes on Sun Sep 06, 2015 2:01 pm

Hi i just want to know how many RPG Character Classes that has ever been made. I hope everyone contributes.

Say the Name of the Character Class, What game has/have you seen it, and a little description of the class. You may post the basic ones such as knight, druid, etc. but i would love it if you can contribute a unique one.

I'll start

Character Class: Psion/Psionicist
Game: Dungeons and Dungeons
Description: Psions seem to be mage-like classes with spells that concentrate on the power of the mind such as Telepathy and Psychokinesis. Though in Dungeons and Dragons, the skills of a psion aren't considered magical but on a separate class of its own, making psionic effects unable to be countered by magic spells and vice versa.

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