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Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder]

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1Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder] Empty Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:02 pm

Allie started to walk in her cloak of mystery as she wasn't so sure on where to go exactly as in where the bar was. She didn't really go to Izlude town to go drink. Her eyes looked around as she was supposed to meet someone she never met and Hikaru, a fellow guardian member. She never really talked to him much and the random was truly a mystery, she would just have to see when she go there. She hummed softly as she then entered the place and got the information with the two that she was doing this with. She would nod and they would go on their way to the wrecked ship in the distance from where they were standing.

She started to creep into the darkness of the ship so the enemies wouldn't see as she would then go from behind and stab them a couple times each. As the two of the pirates of the dead died she would then go forward and see the pirate captain. She would smile through her cloak and then watched as he would charge for her making her side step in time as he lounged at her and tried to stab her. She instead successfully twirled around and then stabbed the captain three times in three different places of his back and grabbed the items from the chest.

The three went back and handed Elric the stuff that was needed and got their reward, going their separate ways.


Used: Knife

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2Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder] Empty Re: Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:10 pm

Hikaru wasn't one to really be involved in combat, but he needed to get more experience in this big world, and that was the purpose for him being where he was at the moment. He had his small knife as him and the company he was with all made there way to the place where they would accept the request. Upon accepting it, they traveled to a ship yard. It was scary and dark, but Hikaru didn't seem to have much problem with it. He followed Allie's lead who was a fellow guardian. The two ended up encountering some enemies. Hikaru came from the front, being a distraction as ally snuck up behind. That was the easy part however. Following that the two made their way to the final area where the items in the chest was. There was a pirate of the dead waiting for them, and he came straight for Ally, Hikaru watched as Ally twirled around him and began to stab him, but to ensure his death Hikaru stabbed him several times throughout the body alongside allie. Upon finishing stabbing him, Hikaru grabbed the chest being the guy and helped carry it all the way to the client who then rewarded him and the company he was with.



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3Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder] Empty Re: Arrrrg~ [Mission:Hika&Valsinder] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:19 pm

Missions, Work nothing overly different between the two, Valsinder picked up a job with two other people, they all had said agreed just to join up to make the job easier so not like it was going to be overly hard his thoughts went with anyway. Just go to a boat a deal with a few things, easy task to do, guess it would be something since drinking was not on his mind right away.

The question on his mind then, was he late? or did everyone just to choose to do everything before Valsinder arrived? It would not blame them it happen. But heading over to the broken down ship to the ending of the fighting between a woman and three dead men..well guess there died twice? It was hard for him to tell and since they were dead he did not care. They would collect what they would told they would get and leave going each there own ways.

WC:626/500 total


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