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[Izlude] Monster Arena 2/3

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1 [Izlude] Monster Arena 2/3 on Sun Sep 06, 2015 12:00 pm

Name: Monster Arena 2/3 (Must have finished Monster Arena 1/3 before taking this quest)
Rank: B
Reward: 1,000 Zeny | 500 EXP
Requirements: 1,500 Words
Location: Izlude
Objective: Defeat three rare monsters at Steve's monster arena.
Story: Steve has been fond of collecting rare monsters since he was young. It was a hobby he inherited from his father, who was one of the greatest monster tamer of his age. At this time of his life though, he seem to have lost his passion in beast taming but instead, got interested in putting them live in action. He isn't the type of guy though that would think of creating a havoc instead, he thought of paying adventurers to fight with his monsters and give him a good battle entertainment.
Details: You've gone quite stronger since you last accepted Steve's monster arena challenge. Confident of taking the challenge to the next level, you come up to Steve's place and express your interest in challenging his Rank B Monsters at the arena. He simply smiled and asks you to enter the arena the same way as before. Again, you enter a cage closed arena and see Steve enter the audience area. Seeing that you are ready, he claps his hand twice, bringing out a Ghostring. Same as before, you have to defeat the Ghostring and fight with two more monsters after. Upon  defeating you first monster, Steve brings out an Angeling. You'd have a hard time for this monster for it can cover itself in a protective barrier to toughen itself. After defeating it though, you face your final match. A fierce Vagabond Wolf appears before you, seemingly ready to eat you up in a single bite. You have to defeat this last opponent so you would be able to exit the arena, again towards the audience area to get your rewards from Steve. He then excites you of some stronger monsters and asks you to come back if you are ready to take them on.


Name: Steve
Rank: C
Abilities: S Rank Beast Taming
Role: Request Giver


Name: Ghostring
Rank: B

  • Dark Breath (Rank B) - the Ghostring breaths some fog out of his mouth, that can choke you a bit (Causing Rank B Damage).
  • Soul Strike (Rank B) - the Ghostring shoots some ghost elemental energy balls, causing some 2nd degree burns (Rank B Damage) on you.

Role: Enemy


Name: Angeling
Rank: B

  • Safety Wall (Rank B) - Angeling envelops itself in an angelic light, reducing a major part of all the damage it takes.
  • Angel's Wrath (Rank B) - Angeling shoots a beam of light, causing some 2nd degree damage to the target.

Role: Enemy


Name: Vagabond Wolf
Rank: B

  • Earth Spike (Rank B) - The Vagabond Wolf stomps the ground as some spikes appear on the ground in a straight sequence up to 5 meters from it, causing some cuts (B Rank Damage) to its enemies.
  • Bite (Rank A) - The Vagabond wolf bites its opponent, causing some deep wounds (A Ranked damage) to the bitten part.

Role: Enemy

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