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Chasing Footsteps Pt 1[D. Mt Mjlnir]

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1 Chasing Footsteps Pt 1[D. Mt Mjlnir] on Tue Sep 01, 2015 10:57 am

Name: Chasing Footsteps Pt 1
Rank: D
Reward:Class D: 250 Zeny | 100 EXP
Requirements: 500
Location: Mt. Mjolnir
Objective: Follow the blood foot prints that go off into the mountains from a small town.
Story: A Deadley beast has killed 3 people in town and the entire village is scared to leave their doors.  Leaving only foot prints as your clue.
Details: You are following the footprints through Mt. Mjolnir when a random bandit will attack you.. Do what you wish to him. but don't die.

Name: Bob
Rank: D
Abilities: Rubber Band of doom [Rubber band and stone] can use rubber band to throw stones, capable of dealing D rank damamge.
Role:Trying to kill you

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