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Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries)

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1Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries) Empty Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:19 pm

Wally felt like it was another nice day out. He had recently done his hardest type of request yet by catching a their. He didn't really actually do much, because some other guy took care of it. Wally wanted to actually do something and get some action in a fight. He was glad that some other guy wanted to help though too. Wally didn't learn the guys name, so if he saw him again he would try to. Wally walked around until he found another farm. It didn't seem like the first one he had helped at though. He wondered how many farms were their. The weird thing was that their was a hole in part of their fence. Wally wasn't sure how it got there, but he knew that it needed to be fixed. Wally wondered if they needed helping doing it. Wally walked up to a man and introduced himself. "Hello, my name is Wally and do you guys need some help?" he asked. The man nodded his head. "Some stupid kids tore a hole in our fence. Would you be able to stand guard by it until we get it fixed. Make sure to keep the cows in and anything else out," the man said. Wally wondered what else might try to enter. But he would worry about that later. Wally walked over to the fence and wait for them to be done. If another person joined him, he would ask the man his name.


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2Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries) Empty Re: Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries) on Wed Sep 09, 2015 10:14 pm

The gentle breeze blew the girl's hair elegantly as she walked towards the farm. She did not know if this was a smart move. A sheltered girl like herself taking a job like this. What if for she was in danger? All she has is a simple beginner's knife. She held tightly to her side as she saw the warden. "Hello Sir," She said quite formally. "Are you the one that needed help? I am Aries Trinity at your service." She held herself tightly as the breeze blew her black dress in the breeze. She dressed as a priest hoping that people wouldn't attack her. She was a very religious person and wanted to help people so she figured a priest would be her best bet. She has plenty of first aid experience.

"Why yes'um, I did. Some kids tore a hole in my fence but that fella over there is already here to help me. Maybe you should join him. A pretty lady like yourself, should not be out here alone." He said to her as she walked to the man guarding the decrepit fence. "Hi, you took this job too? I am Aries, would you mind if I join you? I really want to help." She said shyly hoping he would accept her offer.

The girl was anxious to help and she fidgeted waiting on the man's answer. "What if he says no?" She thought to herself. "No! He will say yes there is no doubt in my mind." She continued as she looked at the man with a sparkling red eyes full of determination.

Word Count: 267/500

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3Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries) Empty Re: Keep those cows safe (Mission | Aries) on Fri Sep 11, 2015 1:31 am

(We share the same word count while doing a request together, you don't have to do your own words.)

While Wally waited for them to fix the fence, it seemed someone else did come to take the job. A girl dressed more as a nun seemed to come up and ask if she could help him. Wally considered it. "Sure. My name is Wally. I don't think anything should happen. Hopefully they fix the hole in the fence soon though," Wally said. After that he looked ahead to regret what he just said. Two wolves seemed to start to head there way. Well it seems that they knew there was a hole in the fence. Do you think you can take one of them on?" Wally asked Aries, taking out his knife. It was a beginner knife, but Wally was pretty strong. When the wolves were close enough they seemed to rush towards them. One seemed to try and jump and take him down. Wally dashed to the side, and took his knife jabbing the thing in the side, while using its momentum to open a bigger wound. If Aries didn't handler her wolf, Wally would help out. After that it seemed no more trouble would come and the fence would get fixed. The owner came over to them and paid them for helping. "No problem. Well good working with you Aries, see you around," Wally said, leaving the area.


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