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A Quiescent Day [Social Thread | Aries]

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1A Quiescent Day [Social Thread | Aries]  Empty A Quiescent Day [Social Thread | Aries] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:45 pm

Kenjiro was awakened by the golden rays of the sun that slither to his eyes. The sun was up just a few hours ago and everything around Kenjiro still looks fresh. Out of his exhaustion from the last quest, he didn't notice himself passing out beneath an old oak tree near the town that he saw from afar when he parted ways with Richard the Swordsman.

He let out a big yawn and stretched his hand up in the air to let his blood circulate. He stood up and did some more stretching exercises before he decided to take a stroll around the peaceful forest. Having his energy fully replenished with a sound sleep, He hummed a lively tune as he vibrantly caper along the grassy path of the forest.

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Aries smiled as the sun caressed her beautiful skin. It was a gorgeous day here in Izlude. Her first stop on her way to finding her path. Izlude is the closest city to Magicae and she needed a rest. All this walking was making her tired. She didn't seem to notice to Porings surrounding her until it was too late to run. Four Porings surrounded her, bouncing like the hellions they are.

"Please, go away! I wish you no harm!" Aries called out. A poring jumped and headbutted her. "Owies! Fine! I won't let you hurt anyone!" She continued as she grabbed her knife and slashed the attacking Poring.

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Kenjiro went on bouncing as in the forest when suddenly, he was alerted by the scream of a lady that is obviously in danger. He carefully listened to the screams as he follow them towards the location of the damsel in distress. After a few seconds of running, he finally saw a lady, a few years older than him based on her appearance, being harassed by four porings.

For a few minutes, Kenjiro got stunned by such a beauty with a luscious carnation pink hair and a body that definitely belongs to a goddess. He isn't that much aware of a woman's seductive beauty yet but this lady sure caught his attention. Hearing lady's scream again, Kenjiro pulled his knife from it's scabbard a ran towards one of the porings that attacked the lady.

Upon reaching the poring, he quickly made a frontal horizontal slash and followed it up with the same cutting attack, only in reverse, destroying one of the Porings. He then lounged at another one, lounging at it with the sharp it of his knife, stabbing through the poring and finishing it with a downward slash. He finished off the rest of the poring with the help of the lady and proceeded on checking up on her.

"Hey are you alright? Does it hurt anywhere?" Kenjiro, with his concerned look, checked on the lady touching the side of her arms and staring randomly from her head downwards.

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