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Aries Trinity

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1 Aries Trinity on Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:59 pm

Name: Aries Lilith Trinity (goes by Aries)
Age: 18
Date of Birth: Dec. 25
Gender: Female
Special Characteristics: An angel wing birthmark on her left thigh.

Personality:Aries is a very sweet girl and with a pure heart. Her days of living in the castle and seeing her people has taught her to treat people with kindness and respect and you will get more out of life. Aries is also very protective of people. She does not like to see people hurt or suffer and will go out of her way to help them. Aries is a firm believer that truth. justice, and the forces of good will always purify the darkness that surrounds the world. A lover of life and majestic beauty, Aries is the perfect companion for most missions.  

She has a strong sense of justice and love for her friends and family. With a strong determination, only matched by her high intelligence, she faces any challenges thrown her way. Aries can be the most loyal friend you may have or the worst rival to face. She is not afraid to fight for what she believes in and will not give up, even if it means giving up her life. Aries presents a level of love and adornment for every living being, whether it be ally or enemy. She often apologizes for having to fight her enemies, wishing there was another way.

Her love for everything is a great trait to her personality but can also be her greatest weakness if exploited correctly.  She hates to cause or see any bloodshed, and wishes to solve issues through talking first if she can. But if she can't do not think she will won't fight for what she believes in. Aries is highly respected member of society due to her confidence and attitude towards challenges. She is often seen helping the others believing they own abilities and strength. She is also seen planting new flowers and caring for stray animals through out the city, expressing her love for living things.

Sweets: Aries has always viewed sweets as something used to cheer up sadness.
Cute Things: Aries cannot help herself from loving cute and snuggle y objects and creatures.
Angels: Being a nun Aries has viewed angels are magnificent creatures of divinity and has grown to idolize them.
Darkness: Aries has always been afraid of the loneliness darkness brings.
Monsters: Too many people have been killed by monsters in front of Aries.
Spiders: They are creepy crawly eight legged demons of hell!
Aries has a strong sense of love and justice and allows that to help her fulfill her duties and fight for what she believes in.

Height: 152 Cm
Weight: 49.8952 Kg
General Appearance:
Aries is a short but lean girl with a decent size bust, and a athletic body. Her eyes look of wisdom and kindness, but are contrasted by the fiery crimson they express. Some people refer to her eyes are a sign of her determination. Her hair rains down her back like a waterfall, falling to just under her knees. It is a shade of bright pink and gives a sense of royalty.

Aries is voluptuous with her curvy, lean form, finished off with large breasts. In laymen terms, Aries is a babe. She is the type to wear clothes to bring out her beauty but not make her look like a tramp. More like a goddess.

History: Born in the small kingdom of Magicae, the kingdom of magic, Aries was the first female born to the Trinity Clan, the monarchy of Magicae. Aries grew up studying etiquette and magic along with other things. Her Father, Leo the Golden King, named her after him at the request of her mother who died giving birth to her. Aries grew up sheltered but under the watchful eye of her royal chambermaid, Aquarius. Aquarius taught her to be kind and strong for her people, even to go as far to bring her to the local orphanage to play with the other children.

Aries grew to be a very beautiful young woman with many suitors at her beck and call, but yet she was lonely. She yearned to be with the other people outside of this sheltered existence. She saw many things that troubled her and it broke her heart to see people, her people, hurt. Aquarius saw the sadness and how troubled her princess was and grew to be greatly worried about her. Aquarius spoke to her king about allowing Aries to venture out and explore the world. It was quite obvious it is where her heart belonged and yearned for.

Leo, greatly saddened still over the death of his beloved Virgo, knew something was wrong with his daughter and when Aquarius spoke to him about the matter, knew he had to act quickly and gracefully. He asked his daughter about her feelings and was moved to tears when she told him she wanted to help the people of the world, that she had too. It reminded him so much of his wife, the late Virgo. The king agreed to allow her to travel the world and find her own path, only is she stayed safe and visited home often. Aries was quickly grateful and ran off to find her fortune and path.

RP Sample:
The Windsor Great Woods, her first step on her journey her in this strange new world. What adventures awaited her here? What tasks must she accomplish on her quest to be the best druid this world has seen? It had been a little bit since she came to this world. She spent most of the time just getting used to the world. She had learned many things, like how her acrobat subclass allows her to high jump unlike other players. She tested this many times trying to get it down and made sure it was something she could use in a pinch. This subclass also allowed her to be extremely agile and even run up walls and Parkour. "This is awesome!" She said as she sprinted through the forest. She scanned the area for monsters or items but didn't seem to see any. The sounds of twigs and leaves crackling under her feet sounded so real. It was almost too much t handle. This was her new world, her new reality, and she was going to make it the best reality for her. She stopped in the middle of a secluded area and heard some weird almost squishing noises. "What is that? Wait... Monsters!" She exclaimed as five "Dull Green Slimes" surrounded her in a pack mentality type manner. "These are the monsters attracted to spell casters! " She said as she grabbed her leather whip from its metal holster on her hip. "If they want magic I will give it to them!" She called out as she twirled and blew a frigid kiss. "{Glacier Freeze!}" She cast.

The ground around her and the slime became a frosty hell. She slipped and landed on her bottom but she knew she was not in trouble. The slimes seemed to coat in the ice and started to slide. The frigid spell inflicting damage to them every second. Raina slung her whip up grabbing on to the tree branch above and knew it was time to finish this! "{Brilliant Prism!}" She exclaimed as magical bubbles appeared and magnified light to the slimes. One by one they fell and were defeated. Slowly the ice turned back to normal as the spell was over. "Phew!" Raina said as she dusted the dirt off of her dress. " That was a blast!" She smiled wide and sat on a nearby log and just let the sun caress her skin. She was in such a sense of euphoric bliss that she didn't hear the twigs crack or the grass rustle from the footsteps.

"Well look what we have here boys!" Said a rough sounding male's voice. Raina opened her eyes and stretched cutely making a slight "mew" noise as she did. "Look at the tits on this Noob here!" Said a slightly creepy, horn dog of a player. 'What is such a lovely little Noob like yourself doing out here alone, sweet cheeks?" He continued. Three of them, players that did not seem incredible friendly. The rough sounding one appeared to be a warrior, while the horn dog appeared to be a magician of some sort. The quiet one seemed to be a thief. "Well? Are you going to answer us or are you stupid?" He continued.

Raina stood up and unholstered her whip. "I don't want any trouble, but you three need to move along. Please." She said as she took a step back. This could be bad and she knew it. She had to escape or maybe make them leave. "I am just out here for training."

"Well babe, here is the thing. We could offer you protection, why not join our guild. We'll protect you and get you gear and all you have to do is provide us some services.." The Rough man said as he stared at her breasts and licked his lips. "What kind of... of services?" She asked as she sweated a little bit. "Maybe they were not so bad." she thought to herself. ''Maybe, just maybe... they want to help me."

"You see, we are all stuck here and just like the real world we all have certain needs." The man almost growled out as his hand flew in and groped her breast! "Hey! Get the hell off me, perv!" She said as she slung her whip and smack the man in his hand hard causing him to release. "What the hell! I am not some plaything for creeps like you!" She exclaimed as her eyes sparkled with an almost crimson like fire. "Is this Bitch serious!" He called out as he held his now bleeding hand. "Boys, I think it is time we teach sugar tits here the price for messing with us and teasing players with her body like that. Just look at the scantly clad leather dress! It barely covers anything!" He called out as his men moved in with him.

Raina leaped back trying her best to put some distance between her and the men. She did not know what she could do. She surely was not strong enough to take out three players at once especially since they were surely all higher levels then her. "Damnit, what should I do!" She said. The men roared with laughter. "Pray we are merciful!" They exclaimed. She was not quick enough to react to the magician casting a spell at her! "{Serpentine Bolt!}'' He exclaimed in a hoarse voice. A purple bolt of electricity hit her and charged her body sending shocks throughout her entire frame. The spell finally ended but it was too late to retaliate as the warrior threw a heavy punch sending her to the ground. "At least she knows where she belongs! On the ground!" The rough man said as they laughed. Luckily they didn't hear her chanting a healing spell. "{Heartbeat Healing}!" She said as her body glowed green and she started the heal her health points. "I.. I need help.. someone." She exclaimed. "Anyone.. please stop them. Don't let me... let me end up like Aria!" She called out as tears rolled down her face.

Face Claim: Adra, Queens Blade

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Your personality should be 150 words


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Sorry, forgot something, you should link your FTRP profile xD


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+1,000 Zeny


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