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Apprenticeship [Quest: Help me on an adventure | Private]

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Kenjiro did exert a lot of effort on apprehending that thief but he still have lots of energy to explore outside of Payon, into another unknown place to look for clues about his identity. He got back to his Inn, packed his things and payed the front desk staff of the fee for staying that night.

He walked out of the Inn, greeted some people who congratulated him and walked towards the town's exit. As he was about to get out of the town's gate though, someone suddenly called out for him.

"Hello there lad! Would you spare sometime to help me with my things?" Kenjiro looked around and saw a male teen waving at him. Judging from his looks, he is just a few years older than Kenjiro. Kenjiro's eyes was suddenly fixed on the stuff that the person carries. He has lots of swords on his pack, making Kenjiro's eyes glow in excitement. He has always liked swords and even dreamed of being a swordsman once he gets the chance to train.

"Ah yes I would be very happy to!" Kenjiro quickly approached the guy with vivacity on his face. He surprisingly showed a lot of willingness, for a stranger such as his, to simply accept a request.

"You sure are a lively fellow aren't you? Very well, I only need you to carry these for me while we venture out. By the way my name is Richard and yours?" A look of confusion got very obvious at Richard face, surprise of how excited Kenjiro looked like, the moment he asked him to carry his things for him. It indeed is quite a weird thing for one to be excited in accepting a quest from a stranger.

"I'm Kenjiro, you can simply call me Ken. And pardon my excessive excitement. I have always liked swords since I was a child" Kenjiro gave Richard a full blown smile as he reach for that swords that have been packed and tied in a thick, and high quality cloth.

"So, let's head on out then." Kenjiro followed Richard as they exit the town, and into a mysterious forest outside of Payon. From time to time, they would encounter aggressive creatures that Richard, with the help of the sword that Kenjiro hands him, would defeat with ease. Kenjiro can't help but stare in awe of Richard's magnificence in his sword skills. He started imagining himself wielding a sword of his own and vanquishing the same enemies that Richard has been defeating one by one.

Kenjiro got too lost in daydreaming though that he suddenly found himself alone in the forest. After a few minutes, he suddenly felt a strong killing intent. Quickly, he turned around, picked out his knife and blocked an attack from someone who assailed him from above.

"You are the one who turned my brother to the Payon officers. I'm not going to forgive you!" The assailant's face is covered with a black cloth, making it impossible for Kenjiro to recognize him but based on how he just introduced himself, he is related to the thief that he fought earlier. Not having Richard around, defeating the bandit gave Kenjiro a hard time but with the battle skills that his father thought him, he was able to finally defeat the bandit.

He left him unconscious in the forest and ran as fast as he can to catch up with Richard. He caught up after a few minutes of running, while Richard was fighting what looked like a huge bear. After defeating the bear, Richard walked towards Kenjiro.

"So our paths separate from here on. Thanks a lot for your help. I hope to see you again one day lad!" The forest now cleared to a grassy plains ahead where the view of a magnificent castle can be seen. Richard left after giving Kenjiro some zennies for helping him out. Seeing a small town a bit way off the castle's path, Kenjiro decided to take a visit to this town for a while and see what awaits for him there.

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