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Hiking with the pathatic cry baby Mike (Lilim + Sinthoras)

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a hike job:
Name: A Hike
Rank: E-Rank
Reward: 100 Zeny | 50 exp
Requirements: 250 words
Location: Mt. Mjolnir
Objective: Escort the hiker safely through the woods
Story: There's a hiker who is a bit cautious of Mt. Mjolnir due to some stories he's heard about it, but he wants to hike it.

Meet up with Mike (the hiker) at the base of the mountain
Mike will explain to you the stories he's heard about the mountain (they include beasts and such)
Mike will begin to become scared of hiking the mountain trail
You will convince him that there's nothing to be afraid of, however, he will still want you to hike with him, just in case
You and Mike will hike the trail and nothing scary or dangerous will cross your path
Once you reach the end of the trail, Mike will pay you.

Name: Mike
Rank: E-Rank
Abilities: None
Role: Your client

Once again a importnt person in town annoced for some help. It was Mike the hiker. He was a famous hiker and well known for climbing ht ehighest mountains. In the announcement was written that he needs help with a mountain. The quest posters were spread around town. Sinthoras was sitting hin his living room. Raleeha knocked at the wall. This was so she would let me know that she was comming in. *Come in. Speak up. * Raleeha offered me the quest post. One of the other workers found this in the town. I thougth you might wanted to know about this Master. *Thank you Raleeha. You can go now.* She left the room. I look more serious at the poster. It was Mike. I had to meet him att he mountain for further information.

When i arrive Mike explains m he needs my help to hike up the mountain. I ofciousrse ask him why. He tells me about the stories about the mountain. THe dangours animals and monsters. I try to convince him to go alone. I was not in the mood for sucha coward. It didnt help and i was forced to hike with him.

WC= 198/250

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Lilim had also been invited for the hiking job and somewhat felt happy to see Sinthoras whos name she had finally found out due to a long conflict they had gaining respect for each other this was the first person in a long time that Lilim truelly came to respect. Had they became friends or merelly rivals this was unclear. Lilim could still feel the bruises in her body from that epic conflict. "So Sinthoras should we hike together?" Lilim would turn to face mike " Mind giving me a quick summery i could hear the basic from my walk here 'Beasts, Animals, Forrest, yah and i get paied" Lilim would strench for quite a bit preparing for the Hike. "Lilim was hoping theirs was some danger up ahead she was feeling quite bored " Sinthoras most claws win?". The group would start the hike up.

Word Count 147/250

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Lilim appeared too. She greeted me. *Hey lilim* After the long fight Sinthoras was still not 100% recovered. The positive thing about the fight they had was that the gained some respect for eachother. It was clear that no matter how hard we try. We can not get rid of eachother. Fate decided this and they had both to addept to that. SHe asks me to kie together. *Sure why not. Lets get going. I doubt we will find any danger here. But sure its a deal but no cheating.* I stand at the wall of the mountain. *Lets go tot hat top coward. II dont want to spend time here all dday . I got better studff to do you know . * Tha twas directed to Mike. *If you wont clib fast you will meet a real danger on this mountain. I showed a demonic smile. Mike scared quickly ran to the mountaina nd started hiking. After a hour we already clomed 2/3 of the mountain.

WC= 363

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As the group climbed the mountain, it seemed quite uneventful until a wolf tried to attack but Lilim and Sinthoras both kicked him directly in the face, at oppersite sites crushing his skull. This was the first sign that fate showed they could work really well as a team though neither would really accept this. They would reach the final destination and would be paid by mike "thank you two". Both would get 100 zeny and it was time to make the journey down the mountain to return to the city. Would these two get along from now on they still needed to acturally get to know each other. Today was a step but tommorow could be a ladder The End


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