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2. Roleplaying Rules

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1 2. Roleplaying Rules on Mon Aug 31, 2015 11:16 pm

This site is a roleplaying site. As such, there are roleplaying standards and procedures that we must follow.

Character: Before you can start roleplaying, you must have an approved character. All applications pending approval may not be used in threads. There is an OOC section in which you can use to test out your character, but you cannot post IC.

When making your character, refrain from giving him any definite advantages. These advantages include immortality (agelessness is fine, but your character must be capable of death), enhanced sense, enhanced strength, and the like. Try making a dimensional character, instead of a flat one. Nobody likes a Mary Sue, after all. Once you have created your character, you can finally post.

Topic Limit: You are limited to up to 3 topics at any given time. Within these topics, you can only have one quest, one training, and one real combat at a time. You may have as many social topics as you want.

Topics (Chronology): When entering a topic, please keep in mind that your character storyline follows a chronological order that is slightly affected by real time. Make sure that you know exactly when each topic happens when creating a story so that you may act accordingly.

Say Topic A was created by you today.
Topic B was created by your friend two days ago.

You enter Topic A to interact with your friend who created Topic B.

The next day, you decide to enter your friend's Topic B. Chronologically, Topic B happens BEFORE Topic A, so all the events that happened and will happen in Topic B will have already happened in Topic A, so you must RP in Topic A with the assumption of what already happened in Topic B.

It sounds a little confusing, but just imagine that the date a topic was create was the day the events in the topic happened. So if you join a topic that was created in an earlier instance, that is in the past and already happened.

Posting: Please try to make legible posts. Do not use acronyms like "lol" or "wtf" in your posts. Use proper written English. Please keep your posting length to a minimum of 100 words (with the exception of topics requiring word counts less than 100).

Refrain from posting in dead topics (no reply within a month) in an attempt to revive them. It is not going to happen. The dead topics will stay dead.

God Modding: God Modding refers to the act of controlling another person's character without their permission. It is forbidden to do so and is frowned upon. God Modding also refers to your character never getting tired, ignoring pain, and anything that makes them seem godlike. They are human (or at least most of them are).

Vague Manipulation: A form of God Modding that refers to somebody using a lack of information to their advantage. Setting a distance against an opponent to be right next to you so you can have a point blank shot? That is vague manipulation. Setting it thirty meters, where both you and your opponent can actually react to things and have a fair fight. That is not vague manipulation.

Making your post extremely vague and hard to understand is vague manipulation. To understand the difference between a vague manipulation post and a regular post, we must understand the intention of a vague post. Here is a comparison of two posts, one that uses  Vague Manipulation, the other one being a lazy post with no detail.

Vague:"He stuck his hand out and moved forward."

Lazy: "He punched with his hand."

What is the Vague person doing? What are his intentions? We don't know. It could easily be manipulated to his advantage.

As for the Lazy post, well that guy is just plain lazy and the other post can simply help our poor lazy friend out by saying which hand he punched in, obviously PROBABLY not the one he is holding a giant lamp with, right?

Word Maniplution: A comical form of vague manipulation that involves interpreting a post differently from the original poster's intentions. Although very funny, it is not allowed. To show you what Word Manipulation looks like, we'll have to use John again.

John: John swung his sword towards him to cut his arm off.

Joe: Joe watched as John swung his sword in order to cut his own arm off and laughed at his stupidity.

As you can see, it is comical, but it makes no logical sense. Not let's heal up poor John.

Meta-Gaming: Meta-gaming is the act of taking OOC information and using it IC when your character has no justifiable way of knowing such information. Doing this is also frowned upon.

Auto-hitting: Auto-hitting refers to the act of not allowing the other person to avoid your in combat or in other situations. This goes hand in hand with god-modding. Assumptive based roleplaying ("He punched John in the face with his right hand and then proceeded to kick his left shin") is fine because the post is making an assumption that the hit connected. However, not letting the opponent dodge is is another matter ("He threw a punch at John so fast that John wouldn't be able to see") is auto-hitting, because it does not give John any window space. Let's let poor John relax now.

Plagarism: Plagiarism of any form is not tolerated. This means copy and pasting things you found on the internet or even paraphrasing them. Open source content, like the bible, is also prohibited from copying as well.

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