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Bully Trouble[Quest]

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1 Bully Trouble[Quest] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:01 am

Ryuu tiredly walked through Payon completely bored. He had just recently arrived and had no idea what to do. He continued walking until he noticed a door opening to his right as he turns to see a beautiful lady. She seems to be in her early twenties or around there."Oh Hello!" She yelled happily running up to Ryuu. "I'm glad I caught you at a good time. Can you pick up my son from school for me? He has bullies messing with him and can you just scare them off? It's down that way then make a left. Thanks your the best neighbor ever." She said before waving and walking off. Ryuu quickly walked off in the direction she showed them. He was totally up for scaring off some bullies and teaching the kid some pointers. As he approached the school he already noticed the lady's son as he had a shaved head with large glasses and scrawny arms and legs.

"Oi kid your mom told me to pick you up. Gonna deal with those bullies for ya." Ryuu reassured the young kid as he followed and they went back towards his home. Several minutes later three taller kids appeared as they all surrounded the boy."Hey loser, your about to go cruisin for a-" Ryuu had pulled out his adventures knife and put it to the boys throat."This kid is with me, leave him alone. If I ever see any of you around him again this knife will end you and your families." Ryuu said in gently tone to add to the psycho factor. They all ran off widly as the lady's son and him continued to walk back towards his house. As soon as they got back the mother returned realizing he wasn't the neighbor and rewarded him 100 zenny. Ryuu then walked off in to the distance bored yet again.

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