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Chess Lib + Sin

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1 Chess Lib + Sin on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:35 am

Chess job:
Name: Play a game of chess with me
Rank: E
Reward: 50 exp | 100 zenny
Requirements: 250
Location: Payon Town
Objective: Play an old man in chess
Story: An old mans wife died a month ago and he feels lonely. He used to play chess with her a lot, but hasn't recently. He would like someone to play him for old times sake.
Details: Walk by the park where you will see an old gentleman sitting at a chess table by himself. He will have to game set up. He will ask you to play him. After you, either win, or lose, he will thank you and pay you for playing with him.

Name: Simmon
Rank: E
Abilities: He is alright in chess
Role: Quest giver/opponent

Lilim had be asked to play a game of chess with an old man in the local park, as she was walking pass he asked her to sit down. Lilim agreed couldn't see any harm in the situation. "So old man how long have you been playing chess here [Old Man Simmon]"Quite a bit of see my wife died and i feel lonely...wanna hear a story'. Lilim started panicing she knew what old peopls stories were like...the never ending bad story.. Lilim "E4". Simmon " E5'...Lilim F4. . [Old Man simon]" Oh you opted for the Kings Gabit ay... havn't seen that for some time you earned my respect' Lilim "Thank you sir. The match would go on for quite some time and be quite a close game but in the End the old man would beat Lilim with a sturdy CHECKMATE. The old man would smile after his victory paying Lilim for her time. Lilim got up and was about to leave when.......

WordCount = 165/250

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2 Re: Chess Lib + Sin on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:36 am

The old man smiled happy after the victory. Sinthoras watched the game. He watched closely and saw the man was really skiled. It was not stange hedefated tat clown Lilim. Her moves were soo poorly. It was just hurting his eyes. This woman was he worst chess player in the world. Sinthoras has a satisfied grin on his face. This filthy woman deserved that beating.

Simmon notices Sinthoras. {Simmon: Hey there young man. I noticed you were watching the match. You heard my story about my wife. I feel like playing a another game. What do you say? I pay you 100 zenny. } * Sure why not* I sit down. *wich colour doo you prefer Simmon? {Simmon: I would like to have white please}

So the game started. Simmon opened his game with a pawn from E2 to E4. Next up was Sinthoras. I open with my horse. I move it from B8 to C6. Like usual my horses swoop up a lot of my opponents checkers. Yet it wasnt enough to beat Simmon. { Simmon: Chackmate. You did play remarkable. You are incredible with your horses its impressive i have to admit. Not everyoen uses them that efficient. They are the most dangerous checkers in the game but not easy oto play like you did. Here is your paymant young man} *Good game Simmon have a nice day.


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3 Re: Chess Lib + Sin on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:38 am

Lilim had stayed for a bit to watch the game of Simmon vs Sinthoras whos name she still did not acturally know and she found herself laughing inside at the entire game Sinthoras was pretty much a rookie and as exspected the old man beat him aswell. As simon tried helping Sinthoras self estime saying he was good with horses Lilim Jumped him with a poke of verbal communication "Good with the Horssess alright but absolutlly idiontic with the rest of the pieces" Lilim stuck her tongue out and walked off 'what a punk fool". Lilim knew she would end up fighting him again one day, and seeing his chess skills she figured it was in the bag.

Work Count 283/250

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4 Re: Chess Lib + Sin on Sat Sep 05, 2015 7:44 am

Sinthoras lost . Lilim poked him. HE sure hated this woman. She said something. I didnt listen at all. Low filthy street dogs didnt deserve to be heard. Her face should be covered by a veil. Lilim was walking away. Sinthoras went in the other direction. He needs a way yto murder this woman. Looking at her terrible chess skill made clear to me that this woman s brain didnt even fuction correctly. He let the woman dissaprear fromm his mind. SHe was not important anyway. Just a dumb slave probably. SHe sure would know what it meant to become his opponent.

WC= 328

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