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Chasing A Cat [QUEST]

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1 Chasing A Cat [QUEST] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:55 am

Mura was again doing a quest, this time he was going to get a cat that has ran away from its owner Tim Tim. It seemed easy to Mura, but when he looked around Prontera, it was a giant city. But it was the capital of Rune-Midgarts, so it was obvious that the city would be big. He was still determined to find the cat, no matter how big the city was.

It was harder than he thought; the cat could be anywhere. He looked around the stores, food places and parks, but didn’t get any tracks of the cat. He remembered how Tim Tim described it: it was grey with white stripes and a long tail. It could be an advantage to find it by searching the long tail, because he was told that it was very long. He headed towards the Prontera castle and searched around the area. But he didn’t find any long, grey tail of a cat, so he went to another place.

He arrived at a market place and began searching there. It was difficult; the market was open and people were filling the road. It could be hard to find the cat here, but then he spotted a long and grey tail. He reacted immediately and charged after it. The cat was fast, just as the boy told him. He ran after it a while around most of the city. He decided to try and lure it out with bait: fish. It worked and the cat ran right into the trap. Mura jumped over it and grabbed it, so it couldn’t run away. He held it gently, but tidy, so it wouldn’t run away again.

He arrived at the boy, who was happy to see his cat again. “Thanks a lot! Here’s the money!” he spoke up and gave Mura the reward.

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