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Getting Fruits For Ma'am [QUEST]

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1Getting Fruits For Ma'am [QUEST] Empty Getting Fruits For Ma'am [QUEST] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 6:04 am

Mura was walking goal-oriented towards a part of Izlude Town. He got a new quest, to help an old lady. She’d broken her leg and needed help to get some fruits. He thought that it would be easy enough, just going to get some fruits for an elder woman, and it seemed like a very honest thing to do; helping old ladies. He met her, sitting on a bench and trying to get up. He rushed towards her and offered to help her, but she said: “Nevermind me, lad, I… can do this.” She slowly got up from the bench and Mura felt very weird that he didn’t help her. But she insisted to do it on her own, so he forgot it and asked her about the quest. “Yeah, I need some fruits for my pie. But as you can see, my leg is broken and I’m unable to get all those fruits.” She said and pointed at her broken leg, “If you can get me these fruits, I might bake you a pie.” Mura formed a smile when she said that and nodded. “Don’t worry, ma’am, just wait here. I’ll get the fruits.” he replied. She gave him a piece of paper with the fruits and locations. He headed for the destinations right after.

After a while of searching, buying and swimming after a special fruit in the ocean, he came back to her, soaked from top to bottom and with the fruits in a bag. “Here you go, ma’am.” he said and handed over the bag. “Oh, thanks a lot, boy! Now come, so I can get you a nice fruit pie!” she said happily and followed him to her home.

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