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Making mountains of molehills (job)

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1 Making mountains of molehills (job) on Sat Sep 05, 2015 3:56 am

Vedette was out one hot morning, sweat gleaming off her exquisite form as the barbarian briskly jogged toward the looming mountain ahead. She'd gotten up at her usual hour, four in the morning, to begin her routine. Today was special though, today she was going to be paid to work out! What a strange land this place was...

Well, in truth, she was being paid to escort a man up the mountain, but she'd have been here money or no. Mountain climbing was a pass time she rather enjoyed, and finally she had a chance to do so here. Upon arriving the sparsely dressed foreigner greeted the fellow who'd posted the request with a neutral grin, wiping the sweat from her brow as his attention was drawn to her large, heaving chest while the redhead caught her breath.

"Good morning to you! I hope the day has been treating you well! Shall we ascend the mountain now"?, said Vedette, waiting no time getting to her point. The man however simply blinked at the young woman.

"You? It's just... Just you? You didn't think to bring some friends or-or a weapon? Or armor?! Haven't you heard the stories? You couldn't have! Otherwise you'd have actually brought something to defend us! Oh my god we're gonna die!" the man would say in a panicked flurry and curling up into a ball. Vedette laughed at this man's comical display of fear, patting his head a few times to reassure him of his safety.

" Stand, man. Danger is on known to those who embrace fear. Keep talking like that and your mind will create all the enemies you shall ever need." Vedette would reply sagely as she made her way toward the path that would mark the beginning of their hike, her employer scrambling behind her.

"Wait! Where are you going, don't leave me here! You... You're supposed to take me up the mountain!" he'd shout, clutching Vedette's ankle. She'd chuckle once more and pat his head again, helping the man to his feet. "And I shall! But if we do not start now I will miss my appointment with another client. If you wish my company, join me as I go. I will ensure your safety. Or, you may cower here, alone. The choice is ever your own to make. Vedette would say fairly but firmly, helping the man to his feet once more.

The man looked Vedette in the eyes for a time, then nodded his head. And two made it up to the top with no interruptions beyond the beauty of their surroundings.

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