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Best friends forever PT2 <3 [Private/Allie]

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Larissa fell asleep peacefully, resting her head on Allie's bosom with a happy look on her face: No other place allowed her to drift off into such a blissful slumber. Her best friend often lost her form while sleeping, and whether this was intentional or not, Larissa never bothered to ask. She usually moved around in her sleep a lot anyways, so by the time she woke up it didn't matter much where she first fell asleep. They had been napping on the floor, so by the time she woke up, her head was resting on Allie's waist instead: She woke up with a loud yawn, stretching her arms and turning her head up, to see if she was still sleepingl deeply:

"Allie-chan~?", she whispered with a cute smile on her face. If she was still sleeping, her low voice wouldn't wake her...

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 Best friends forever PT2 <3 [Private/Allie]  Tumblr_moxg7pPz4b1s4qvrdo1_500
Allie started to come back at about four in the morning as she didn't want to be too late for the rising. She would yawn still in her cloak as she would then form into form number one, slowly going towards the building. Climbing up she would be at the top, looking at the sky. Below her was Larissa, still sleeping beautifully. She wasn't so sure on how she would explain to Larissa about her small time with Videns and what happened...maybe she could make some small event for the two. As she stood straight and around her shined as she formed, her long beautiful purple hair flowed as the visor stayed in place, hiding her eyes...she smirks as the sun rises ever so slowly after hours of her appearance. Silently she would watch the sun come up, feeling the warmth although deep inside she felt confusion, pain and sorrow.

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Allie still had her body? That was strange... She normally lost it whenever she fell asleep. Guess this would be her lucky day, it was a rare opportunity for Larissa to still have her favorite pillow (her best friend's chest) whenever she woke up. So she naturally scooted her head upwards, resting her head and hands neatly onto her breasts, squeezing softly:

"Allie-chan~ So soft~", she'd say with a blissful smile, unknowingly speaking in her sleep, grabbing onto and nuzzling her makeshift outdoor pillow

Larissa was having a really pleasant dream, but dreams never last forever. Eventually one has to wake up... And so she did, suddenly opening her eyelids and finding herself hugging onto a real pillow and not Allie's pillows. Her happy face faded into a disappointed one as she looked around for her friend. Where was she? Had she gone away again? Damn...

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