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Fruits for granny (Mission)

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1Fruits for granny (Mission) Empty Fruits for granny (Mission) on Fri Sep 04, 2015 3:15 pm

Wally was in a different town now. It was kind of a rainy day, but it was still nice to him. Wally didn't care to hid from the rain. He looked around and noticed not a lot of people out. It was more of just a drizzle, so he didn't understand why nobody was outside. Wally walked around the town trying to get used to it. He looked around and saw an old lady who seemed to have a hard time standing up. Wally felt bad for her and wanted to help her. "Do you need any help?" Wally asked her. The lady looked at him and nodded. "I'm trying to get some groceries, but its hard to do that with my leg. I know, would you be able to go get me my list of supplies. I'll give you the money for it," she said. Wally nodded his head yes to this. "Great, here is my list of things and here is some zenny for it. I'll meet you at the trade area when you are done," she said. Wally wondered how she was going to get their, but went to go get the stuff. Wally soon found the market and went to each vendor for the supplies. It wasn't that hard to do. Wally got everything and headed towards the trade area. Wally soon found the lady. "Come, help me carry these to my house," she said. Wally followed behind her. When he got their, he helped set the things down on her table. "I'm going to make an apple pie, would you like some?" she asked. Wally wasn't that hungry right now. "Thank you for the offer, but I will pass," he said. The lady didn't fuss over it, but she remembered something before he left. "Oh, here is some zenny for helping an old woman out." Wally took the zenny and soon headed back out to the town.



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