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Blacka nd white smudge battle (Lilim + Sinthoras){E}

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Watch cows:
Name: Watch the Cows
Rank: E
Reward: 50 exp | 100 zeny
Requirements: 250 words
Location: Payon Town
Objective: Watch the farmers cows until he gets back
Story: The Farmer needs to visit a friend and his hand is sick. He needs you to watch his cows for him until he gets back
Details: You have to talk to the farmer. After that you must watch the cows and make sure they stay together and do not get hurt. He will return after half an hour and reward you.

Name: Farmer
Rank: E
Abilities: None
Role: Farmer for cows

Name: Cows (20)
Rank: E
Abilities: Eat grass and be stupid
Role: You guard them

The next day Sinthoras woke up. It was already 12:30. I get out of my bad. I put on my wn clothes and head to my dining room. I shout for Raleeha. * Get me my food now * Instead of Raleeha showed a diffrent slave up. Sorry master. Raleeha is still not able to serve you
Fierious Sinthoras stands up. I choke the man. I push him down on the table. I push harder. The man opened his mouth to breath. Quickly i pulled on the man s tounge and cut it off with a fast movement. I then let rhe man go. * Did i say you were allowed to speak? Now bring me my lunch and if you are not fast you lose more then jsut your tongue. Be glad i am in a good mood today.*

Aftert he breakfast i headout. A farmer earlier asked me last night when i was heading hime to look after his cows today. I get at the grass plains of the farmer. {Farmer: Hey there im glad you could coem. I will be back in half a hour. Just make sure none of them escapes or gets hurt.} The farmer left. I sat down and watch at the cows.


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Lilim had an interesting morning a cow had somehow started following her randomly as she walked down the street it had a mark on its side, clearlly belonging to one of the farmers, she figured it be a good idea to return the cow to its owner and off she went. On arrival at nearest farm she finds a gate open and who was on the other side of the open gate...IT WAS HIM.. ONLY HE COULD BE SO ANOYING,,The Punk from the Cat, and the Taven.. this was it she had no reason not to act. Lilim Charges at the Punk staring at the cows not taking any consideration for the hard working farmer.. leaving that gate open. She Smashes her foot into his back;causing him to fall foward.
"YOU STUPID FOOL, LEAVING A GATE OPEN". Lilim closes the gate after returning the cow exspecting a fight. Lilim removes her hat reveling the two horns on her head as her face goes all lustful like.. she was hugnry for this fools blood "Before i kill you whats your name". *Lilim Streches*
Word Count 185/250

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Sinthoras was sitting down. The gate was still open. He didnt really care. I easily was able to return it. From the corner of my eye i noticed the woman from last day. I didnt pay much attention to her. Then i got kicked from behind. I fell on the ground. I stand up. Lilim just closed the gate and returend the cow. SHe took her hat off. Horns were on her head. Her face expression was lustfull. {Lilim: Before i kill you waht is your name} She did like a devil. Atleast she tried to. Sinthoras laughed. *What are you saying? You are just a clown dressing up tring to be some demon. A bad dress up if i am being honest. * Without warning Sinthoras punched Lilim in her face followed up with a quick combonation of a punch in her stomach followed with a empi on her chin. This woman better would be strong or the empi would be able to break her neck.

207 + 166
WC= 373

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Lilim being fully psyched up for this battle with this punk sees his suddon attack coming, and uses a combinationf of a Tsugi Ashi and Suri Ashi to avoid most of the attack but it does catch her shoulder as she turns to avoid, the rest of Sinthoras attacks inpact the Cow Lilim had returned knocking the poor animal unconious. Lilim Licks her lips as she uses this chance to impact him again unleashing Nidan Geri a double Front kick aiming at Sinthoras skull.
Sinthoras saw Lilims feet aimed at his face. He move in a diagonal manor to avoid the attack . When Lilim lands Sinthoras quickly countesr with a Uraken Uchi at her left check. Lilim only just dodges the Uraken leaning her head backwards just enough, and is about to retaliate by biting the back of Sinthoras hand but just before she does...[Farmer] "WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON, My sheep ......STOP RIGHT NOW...HERS YOUR MONEY NOW GO. The Farmer gives both fighterse 100 zeny and askes them to leave. The fight ends in a draw with both parties making their exit in different directions.

Word Count = 374/250

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