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Masters of Chess

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1 Masters of Chess on Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:39 am

Home repairing was easy enough for the two girls, but working on a roof naturally did nothing to shield them from the sun's scorching rays. Together with the heavy work, Larissa was pretty sweaty already, though she still had a lot of fuel to keep going. This wasn't enough to even be called a warm up, let alone an actual training session. Still, all the jobs yet involving any actual work seemed desperately boring:

"You're good at chess Allie, we should take this one!", she pointed out

Allie was better than her at chess, of that there could be no doubt. She was more patient and more adept at strategy, and likely smarter too even if the blonde wouldn't outwardly admit it to her. But the old man they'd be playing against would be a difficult opponent. The fiery Larissa, with her competitive spitit and training mood naturally understood they had to win in order to be paid, soo when Allie finally sat down to play, Larissa would lean over next to her as if innocently watching the game, while provided a slight teasing view into her cleavage.

She might not be nearly as attractive to most men all sweaty and messy like this (at least she didn't believe herself to be), but her curves were still there to offer a distraction and give her friend the edge...

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2 Re: Masters of Chess on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:04 pm

Going with her best friend she would walk beside Larissa in wondering of what to come or what would appear. Her eyes were like hollows as her face could not be seen as if she was death wearing her cloak. Going beside her friend she would then look at her as Larissa was talking about some chess game. She nodded in accepting and walked to where the guy was. Sitting down she would take a sigh as the old guy looked at her as if he was expecting her to take his soul, instead it would be out of chess. As she put down the first piece moving it it would continue like that till finally she took out the king, ''Check mate.'' she spoke coldly as she would then be paid in full and giving Larissa some they went on their way and into the world of spending money.


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