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The beaten Path

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1 The beaten Path on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:32 pm

That was no doubt the easiest request she'd done all day. Not even kidding, this one was so easy it was debatable if she could actually call it a quest. The bento tasted really good however, so she might able to pull off one or two more missions before finally calling her training session over. Her outfit however, was in miserable condition. While it was previously simply wet from the sweat, dirt and hay had clung to it and further worsened its state.

Well, what did that matter anyway, clothes could be replaced, but the gained experience and physical condition couldn't. With that in mind, she decided to do at least one more request. Brushing away the wet hair from her face, she burped her lunch and walked over to the request board, and picked out the only request left she was allowed to carry out: Escorting a hiker.

"A hike through the mountains might be just what i need..."

Larissa was nowhere near as attractive all messy like this, but her curves and youthful charm still drew a certain attention. This Hiker however, was a lot different from most men... To an intuitive girl like Larissa, it felt as if he could oggle pretty girls any time he wanted but a beautiful mountain landscape could only be appreciated here, in the mountain itself. Being physically fit, she was able to keep up with him easily, and the added dust further made her look dirtier, but she didn't care. There were no beasts for her to kick, but the hike was lovely and the company was pleasant... A perfect end to a long training session...

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