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1 MOO on Thu Sep 03, 2015 5:02 pm

Tch... Nothing like bullies to sully poor Larissa's sunny mood. She didn't even break a sweat and she found this exercise more draining than all the others put together. The mind was indeed a powerful ally and though anger could help her crush her enemies faster, it didnt mean it didn't tire her out. Her calm and cheerfulness was a perpetual source of energy after all. Doing all these jobs under the midday sun meant her outfit was now basically a sweaty mess that barely offered her any modesty, but that didn't deter her. How could she save Allie if she wasn't even to overcome measly hardships such as these?

Still, she needed to eat. Her heavy breathing had been replaced by panting and her eyes looked visibly tired. It was time for a little time out. With a little luck, she might be able to find a job that would allow her to eat in peace. But then, what kind of a miracle would that be...? She walked up to the part time job board and couldn't believe her eyes! A miracle! Someone needed assistance watching cows and this was just the kind of job she might be able to pull off the way she wanted. First off, buying take away food. She picked a bento box, and went over to the request location:

"To think i might actually make money doing nothing! Lucky!!"

The farmer left to go see his sick friend and Larissa took up a seat on some haystacks. There, she pulled off her bento and calmly ate it with some chopsticks, watching the cows as she did it. Occasionally she had to stand up and keep one from straying to far, but it was actually not that hard to pull off without putting down her food... Once she got paid, she was ready for more.

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