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1 Canis canem edit on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:48 pm

Larissa took a deep, relaxing breath once she was finally free of the repetitive, brain dead work of wiping a floor of a tavern. Clealing jobs were easily one of her most hated, but training was not meant to be pleasurable anyways. The sweaty stains on her shirt increased greatly, and she now had quite a few on her skirt as well. Fortunately she had plenty of such outfits. Her clothes were loose and soft and didn't hinder her movement in any way which was just the type of clothing she liked, especially when training.

Her breathing was heavier, but her training was far from over. She walked back towards the request board at a calm, leisurly pace, wondering what kind of mission she would take next. One request caught her eye immediately: Somebody needed help intimidating some bullies to get them off his case. Her eyebrow twitched angrily as she ripped off her request. Ugh... Bullies... Her most hated thing in the world save for any and all things that would willingly harm her friends. The client was a meek nerd, a perfect target for cowards such as those. She agreed to escort him and didn't even mind being his eye candy, her focus was another:

"Alright scumbags, fun's over...", she said angrily once the mean looking bullies presented themselves, kicking a wall and cracking it in half, hinting at what would happen to the first one who crossed her, "Who wants an extreme makeover?"

Her genuine anger combined with her display of strength was more than enough to get those five begging forgiveness and running with their tails between their legs... Useless...

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