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You Leave Esmond alone right now (Mission)

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1 You Leave Esmond alone right now (Mission) on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:36 pm

Wally had felt like he had done quite a bit of work today. He had watched some cows and beat a kid in a race. Normally he was sure doing some jobs would take a lot longer, but these were pretty easy ones. Wally walked around until a lady seemed to call his attention. She seemed to be leaving her house and called out to him. "Hi, I need your help. You know little Esmond right? Can you help him get home. He is having problems with some bullies and it would help me a lot if you could help deal with that too," the woman said. Wally didn't know Esmond, but he knew he could help the lady out. Wally soon walked over to the school. He wasn't sure which kid was Esmond, but he did see a little kid that looked like the mom. "Hello, is your name Esmond?" Wally asked him. The boy shook his head yes. "Cool your mom asked me to escort you home, she seems busy." With that Wally started to walk. Esmond followed close to him. After a couple minutes some kids came out of nowhere. "Well if it isn't little Esmond. Come here so we can teach you a lesson," they said. Esmond seemed to walk close behind Wally. "Well if you guys want to mess with him, you will have to go through me," Wally said. He stood a step towards the group of bullies and they seemed to step back. They knew they couldn't deal with Wally and soon started to run away. Wally walked Esmond all the way home when the mom arrived back. "Hey Esmond, if they ever try to bother you, just tell them your big friend Wally will deal with them if they do. Ok?" Wally told him. The boy nodded his head and the mom handed Wally some zenny for his trouble.



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