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Stupid Hat, Stupid Kid, Smart Money [Quest]

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1 Stupid Hat, Stupid Kid, Smart Money [Quest] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:18 pm

Onoro began his day by walking. Of course that was usually how anyone began their day- but it was odd for Onoro to just be...walking. He didn't have any tasks, and he wasn't really in the mood for ant scams. In fact, he had recently been thinking about stopping his scams now that he was wealthy enough for a few-couple years. Yes. Believe it or not, Onoro was a man who could make money in under a minute if he was serious enough. "Mister! Can you help me please, mister?!" Quickly Onoro snapped towards the voice, looking down to see a small kid wearing a bucket hat quite well. "Hm?" "My cat! It's running fast! It's getting away!!" Before doing, or saying anything, Onoro noticed how tired the kid seemed to be, like he ran his fastest towards him. A grunt was his only reply, followed by a sigh. He would have declined...until, "I'll pay you all the money I have! Just pleaaaaseeeee!" Upon hearing "money", Ono took flight. It wasn't long before he caught up with the cat, but man, that shit was fast as hell. After a minute of sprinting and the stupid cat dashing between food stands and under benches, Onoro stopped before desperately preeing the area. There, he saw a pretty big rock- big enough to stop this pesty shit from running. He hurried to pick it up and flung the rock almost at top strength and just as he expected, it hit the cat on the head instantly knocking it out. "There we go." Ono wasted absolutely no time in picking the cat up and bringing it back to the poor boy, it may have been dead- most likely knocked out. With the boy in shock, his extended hand presented the money. It was obvious that he was expecting an AWAKE cat... Oh well, the job was still done.

- EXIT -

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