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How Fast? [Job]

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1 How Fast? [Job] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:55 pm

Videns was casually walking through town looking cool as he always did on this fine day. The sun was shining and birds were singingand all other usual things associated with good days was happening too. All was right with the big world, or so he thought. It was a perfect day to whoop someones ass at something they were good at. But where to find one of these People? It would be hard, the journey difficult, mayne even impossible, but Videns would do it!

Luckily Videns barley had to walk 5 meters from the place from where he was minding the cows for that fat, bald, sweaty and familiar looking farmer to find one. Well more like his mother. Just outside a cottage to the left of videns he seen a woman beating cloths very violently against a washing board. She seemed to be Annoyed at something or someone. Videns approached the pretty young woman and asked

"What is the problem young miss? Anything I may help with" Videns asked in a calm cool and collected voice as he did with everyone else today. The woman nodded in agreement to Viden's question.

"I want you to kick timmy's ass in a foot race please, I'll even pay you" she said. Videns then nodded in agreement and took the money. The woman then went and got timmy. The two had a race and Videns bet timmy with ease in the 100m dash, then the 200 meter dash untill Videns had bested him in every running competition. He wouldn't boast anymore. After he had wiped the floor with him Videns walked away back into town, again.



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