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Mop the Tavern E rank Job

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1 Mop the Tavern E rank Job on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:38 pm

Ahhh. Day was relieved. He had finally found a suitable job off the request board. He had found a nice job about cleaning some tavern in town. He thought this might be a nice job because of the nice ambiance the place might provide for him. So he took the job.

So he went quickly in the morning to the large tavern on the side of town. But what he found there was not what he was expecting at all. First of all, there was no one in the building. Which meant no partying, no music, no ambiance.
Another thing which was.... not so great, was that the place was completely trashed. Bottles of soda were laying on the ground, still full but without the cap. Everything was dirty. But still, Day went in, and got his mop from his employer, whose name was Mr.Len. He seemed nice, and was eager to give the mop so Day would start quickly with his job, and clean the room the fastest possible. So he did.

Day spent the entire day cleaning old junk food packages, bottles of liquor and cigarette ash everywhere. it was a wonder this place hadn't burned yet. Finally, in the afternoon, Day had finished. The floor was spotless. With his OCD, Day knew how to spot marks and stains and efficiently remove them. When Mr.Len came back, he was amazed by the work Day had done. He sent him off quickly with his reward, but not before serving him a glass of his most famous drink.


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