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Their Fresin

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1 Their Fresin on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:27 pm

After Ryko decided to leave that other super weird town with a super fat sweaty old guy and a super buff really weird bar tender that made him clean his bar, Videns decided to travel to another town and see what he could do there. This town seemed way better already. Videns was casually walking through town looking cool as he always did on this fine day. The sun was shining and birds were singingand all other usual things associated with good days was happening too. All was right with the big world, or so he thought. Wait that was exactly how the other town was, oh well what could he do. 

After walking around the country side for a bit he noticed a very familiar looking man. He was fat, bald and sweaty and see,ed to be in a panic. If this guy needed to find a cat Videns knew he was cursed. Bit being the kind hearted soul he was Videns approached the man and would begin to talk to him

"Hello there sir wat seems to be the problem." Videns asked in a calm, cool amd collected voice to calm the man down. He seemed to immeadiatley after seeing videns.

"Well your see goson is that i meed somone to look after me cattlee here while i go to me wee daughters wedding, would your mind doing it." The man asked. It wasn't a cat but it was an animal. Videns wondered if that counted. Well anyway Videns did exactly that. He watched the cows until the man came home and even got paid for it. Hell yeah.
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