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1Moo [Request] Empty Moo [Request] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 3:13 pm

Name: Watch the Cows
Rank: E
Reward: 50 exp | 100 zeny
Requirements: 250 words
Location: Payon Town
Objective: Watch the farmers cows until he gets back
Story: The Farmer needs to visit a friend and his hand is sick. He needs you to watch his cows for him until he gets back
Details: You have to talk to the farmer. After that you must watch the cows and make sure they stay together and do not get hurt. He will return after half an hour and reward you.

Name: Farmer
Rank: E
Abilities: None
Role: Farmer for cows

Name: Cows (20)
Rank: E
Abilities: Eat grass and be stupid
Role: You guard them

You know, she was on a roll with these things! She already earned, like, 200 Zeny today! Not to mention the experience she was gaining. Well, it's not like it was a whole lot of experience for each quest, but it would be getting her closer, and closer to the next rank. Which, River really needed to get to. If she was going to be a good rain guardian for Larissa, she had to become much stronger. How strong should she be? River didn't really know. She just knew that she would be as strong as she could. She at least wanted to gain B Rank or A Rank some time soon. She had to get to C Rank first. You know... she could also probably get a set of bow and arrows while she was at it too. However, she would save up her Zeny for that. She wanted to save up for a really nice set of bow and arrows. Maybe she would even get herself a dagger or a hunting knife.

River found the quest board and took a look at the quests. A farmer needed somebody to watch over his cows while he went to visit a sick friend. Why cows needed watching, River didn't exactly know, but hey, if it would gain her experience and Zeny, why not? River made her way over to the farm where she would meet up with the farmer. He showed her over to the cows. She could count 20 of them. He said that he would only be gone a half hour or in other words, 30 minutes. River would watch over the cows and make sure that nothing fishy happened. When the farmer returned, she was paid for watching over the cows.

Word Count: 294/250

Moo [Request] Rivers14

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