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Name: Find my cat!
Rank: E
Reward: 100 Zeny | 50 exp
Requirements: 250
Location: Prontera City
Objective: Find the cat
Story: A small kid has lost his cat, luckily, the kid has more money than he has the ability to search for cats, so he's hired you to chase after it
Details: You will chase a cat through Prontera City at the request of Tim Tim, the cat will be fast and hard to catch, making you have to use a creative way of catching it.

Name: Cat
Rank: E
Abilities: It can run away and give you a long chase making you have to make a plan and outsmart it to win.
Role: Objective of quest, catch it

Name: Tim Tim
Rank: E
Abilities: He can hire people to catch his cat
Role: Issuer of quest

You know, since she was only rewarded a small sum of Zeny for mopping the floors, she might as well go on and take another quest. Maybe something more... fun or entertaining. River wasn't ready for any fighting quests, so that was out. You know, once she got her own weapon, she would probably be good to take on a higher leveled quest. Not only did she train in the bow and arrow, but Salque also taught her how to use knives, daggers, and other close ranged, light, weapons. They were all things that a hunter should have. Anyway, as she was walking along, a little boy had a worried look on his face and was calling out a name. River walked over to him. She asked what was wrong. The boy replied saying that he has lost his cat. Aw, River loved cats. It was a shame that the little boy has lost his cat. You know what, she would help him. River said that she would help him find his cat.

The boy's eyes lit up and he handed her a picture of his cat. Aw, it was such a cute cat. But then again, weren't most cats cute? Yeah, even that flaming lion was adorable. River would walk around, calling the cat's name and looking in places that cats may be hiding out in. River finally spotted the cat, but she had to chase it. After some chasing, she was finally able to pick it up, and return it to the little boy safe and sound. Hah! He even paid her some Zeny for it! That was a nice reward.

Word Count: 273/250

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