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Find My Cat!

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1 Find My Cat! on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:47 pm

About a day had passed since Linedwell's last job in the city of Prontera and already he was up and about making his way in the direction of yet another job. After finishing his work up for Mr.Len the old man also gave him a slip of paper on top of what he was paid for his work for the old man. The paper seemed to give the details of an address and explained a bit about the situation the person at this address was going through. It seemed that the child at this address had recently lost their pet - a small cat to be exact. The pet had been missing for not too long, and thus it was still possible that it could be found somewhere around the city. The family that the child belonged to also seemed to be extremely wealth - which was even more of a reason that Linedwell felt the need to follow up on this tip and assist the lad.

Without going to the address at hand, Linedwell decided he'd find the cat first before doing anything else. For some reason he felt that showing up to the client with the cat in hand would be a bit more impressive than showing up empty handed before heading out to do a job that he'd already been informed about. He thought that maybe it'd show his client that he was cut from a different cloth compared to many of the other adventurers in this city. Thus, Linedwell made his way to a shop that specialized in trinkets and items for pets and picked up what was thought to be one of the best cat lures in the region. After buying this, he simply placed a trap for the cat with the cat nip inside as the lure. Soon enough, the described showed up and fell into the trap almost well as many others. Linedwell simply decided to take all the cats with him to the client - just to be on the safe side. After a while of searching through the many cats, the client finally recognized the cat in question and promptly paid Linedwell before he was on his way.

WC: 371

-Quest Completed-


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