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Lemme see you mop [Request

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1Lemme see you mop [Request Empty Lemme see you mop [Request on Thu Sep 03, 2015 2:34 pm

Name: Mop the Tavern
Rank: E
Reward: 50 EXP | 100 Zeny
Requirements: 250
Location: Prontera
Objective: Mop the floors of Pigback Tavern
Story: Pigback Taverns has good drinks, but it is rather dirty. In order to get more customers, Mr. Len needs a janitor to get the place all tidy.
Details: Upon entering, meet with Mr. Len and get your mop. From there, make sure to get every corner of the tavern clean with it. Once done, return to Mr Len to get your pay.

Name: Mr. Len
Rank: E
Abilities: Making good drinks.
Role: Client

River awoke and got dressed in her usual outfit. After eating some breakfast, she decided that she needed to start earning some money. So, it was only natural that she should go ahead and take on a quest. After some wandering through the town, River eventually came across a board with some quests listed. She chose one. A tavern needed some mopping. That didn't sound too hard. So, River started making her way on over to the Pigback Tavern.

She met up with Mr. Len. "So, you're here to mop for me?" Mr. Len asked. River nodded her head. "Well get cracking. I want these floors to shine!" He said as he handed River a mop. River again, nodded her head and went to work. She swore she heard him say something like "That's all what girls are good for around here anyway", but she would choose to ignore it. She found a bucket and filled it up with slightly soapy water. She started to mop the floors. River would mop the whole, entire tavern. It would take a while, but she did it! It was more boring then hard work, which, was why River would hum to herself while she was doing it.

After the floors were all cleaned, she would start to dry the floors. Once the floors were all dried, she returned to Mr. Len. She said that she finished cleaning the floors. He went out to inspect. After inspecting, and approving the inspection, he thought that she did a good job and rewarded her with a small amount of Zeny.

Word Count: 264/250

Lemme see you mop [Request Rivers14

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