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Felix was walking about as he began to think of what to do to help his father besides just build the very weapons he makes by his side. "The Izlude Arena...more adventurers, the more pay off then the more...ideas I can put in place of things. I wonder how the old man is doing for now, maybe just working as usual." Felix thought as he sees something in the sky, a blob that flying around and pink... "It has to be that Angeling again." He thought as he began to walk focusing solely on the Angeling hoping to see where it goes next. "I will get you this time Angeling! Wait...that one is different. The wings are a little different but definitely it is a Angeling, damn. [He comes to a stop and watches it fly away.] one day I am going to get you Angeling and then I will have a pet to have." Felix thought again as he would stand in the middle of people that would walk around and mingle amongst the others.

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