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1INFO: The Forge Empty INFO: The Forge on Tue Sep 01, 2015 3:32 am

Interested in making weapons and armors for a living? Look no further. Here, we will teach you the basics of how to make an item. Using these items, you can sell it for money and become rich!

The first step is to get a hammer. Your hammer is the most important part of smithing. Your hammer determines the max rank of items you can make. So a Rank C hammer cannot make a Rank B weapon. However, it can make Rank C or lower.

Once you have your hammer, now you need to create a topic, essentially with a weapon proposal. Once your weapon is approved, you can spend money for the materials to make it. What materials and the price of it varies depending on the level.

  • D: 1,000 Zeny
  • C: 2,000 Zeny
  • B: 3,000 Zeny
  • A: 4,000 Zeny
  • S: 5,000 Zeny

Once your weapon has been approved, you can start smithing. By rolling a 100 sided dice as many times as needed until it is successful. For every time it is rolled, materials will be purchased. NOTE: You may buy as many materials as you need, the Zeny will be deducted ONLY after your smithing is successful. However, please keep in mind to keep your account in the positive balance. Having a negative balance will be detrimental to your account.

  • D: 50% (Roll 51 or higher)
  • C: 25% (Roll 76 or higher)
  • B: 10% (Roll 91 or higher)
  • A: 0% (Roll 101 or higher)
  • S: -20% (Roll 121 or higher)

Keep in mind that your DEX will increase the chances a successful smithing. It is also important to note that it does not take a single try to successfully smith weapons and armors, especially high level ones.

Once you have successfully forged an item, you can then take it to to the Vendor's Market and sell your item.

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