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Big City [OPEN]

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1 Big City [OPEN] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 11:43 pm

Hmm... it seemed like this city was a bit larger than Zane thought it would be in the start. No matter, however. His goal here was to make money, and what a better place to do so then the capital? It was full of potential customers... but at the same time, it was also full of many, many rivals. It seemed like there were quite a few merchants - and he would have to use his wits to make it up in the world, to become one of the greatest merchants in the capital. He'd be spending quite a lot of time here, so he would make sure to use the time wisely. The first step was to get some info on the town, and meet people that could be of use to him. Thus, Zane put on a good personality that was oh so friendly, before walking into the tavern. Now... who would he be seeing on this fateful day?

Looking into the tavern, he saw, well... a lot of people. It seemed like this was one of the more busy taverns in the city, though it wasn't apparent why. The place looked a bit... dirty, perhaps they should hire a new janitor. Maybe the reason this place was so popular was the drinks? Well... Zane would need to buy one to fit the part.

Zane would simply sit at the table, order himself a drink, take a sip, before scanning the area once again... ah, damn. Everyone was talking to somebody they knew. Maybe this wasn't the place to get to know new people after all... no, no. Zane would simply be patient and wait, for someone would notice he was new in town sooner or later. With his long, white hair, it was sure that he would be noticed sooner or later in this tavern.

He just had to stay patient and wait for somebody to apporach him. He was a bit hasty here, not wanting to waste his time, but he knew that info was key in order to sell in an enviroment. What did people want? Who were the big guys, the ones who sell lots? What were the rules? What are some rumors around town? All of these could help Zane in finding out the best course of action to do what he wanted to do in this city. To make as much money as he could. He'd face the many jugs of alchohol on the wall behind the bartender, and waited for someone, anyone, to come and meet him. Hopefully the people in this town were friendly..

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