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Zane Johnson

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1 Zane Johnson on Wed Sep 02, 2015 7:58 pm

Name: Zane Johnson
Age: 32
Date of Birth: 07/12
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: -

Personality: Zane Johnson may appear to most as just a friendly person at first. But little do they know, under Zane's friendly smile, nice tophat and good-looking business suit, there is a figurative demon who cares nothing about people, except for manipulating them for one purpose: money. Money is all this man cares about in the end: even if he has a few other likes, when it all comes down to it, they all lead to one purpose. Money.

He is a very good actor: he can control all of his emotions, excluding those around fear, with ease. He's also very calculating, being able to map out a plans and predictions in his mind. While he's not perfect, he's certainly good at it, at the very least. Of course, he does have his moments when he can't do this, mainly due to his fears as mentioned earlier. But most of the time, he is a stone cold, emotionless person who only cares about money. He manages to keep his calm, and always play the perfect role to get people to do just what he wants. And in the end? Profit.

Zane is afraid of insects, heights, and loud noises.


  • Money: Due to his past of not being able to trust people, Grffith has found that the only thing he can trust are objects. And the key to objects? Money.
  • Gambling: What can he say? It's a good way to get more money if you're smart or lucky, and it's good for cheap thrills. It entertains him, and when he wins, gives immense satisfaction.
  • Planning: Zane enjoys to plan out things, and to see those plans come into place, simply due to the satisfaction of it all.


  • Losing: One thing that Zane dislikes is losing. While he doesn't get angry about it upfront, he will mutter a few bad things under his breath. He dislikes this simply because he wants to feel the satisfaction of winning.
  • Smart People: While they are ones to be respected, Zane finds them annoying, simply due to the fact they could possibly see through him, ruining his plans.
  • Animals: You can't do business with animals, you have nothing to gain from them. For this reason, Zane finds them useless, and tries to avoid them.

Motivation: Griffith only has one motivation, and that is money. In his past, he was shown that objects are the only thing one can trust, thus he grew to want money to possess many objects to make up for the lack of people. He dreams to be the richest man in the world, but first however he must make his way up the food chain.

Height: 176 cm
Weight: 61 KG
General Appearance: Zane is a man standing at a fair height for his age and gender. He looks a bit young, looking as though he was in his 20's, but in reality, he is in the 30's. He has long, white hair in which he tries to keep up with. He bears crystal blue eyes, and has an overall feminine appearance. He is not built the best, more like a normal person than anything, except a little bit more skinny. He often wears normal cloth clothing, but when going out on business meetings he will dress up a little bit better than usual.

History: Zane was born into a "normal" family and all that good stuff. He was raised as a normal kid, grew up in a mid-class enviorment, and had a lot of fun as a kid. When he was but a child, he did not have any of the personality traits as he did then. So then we must ask: why is Zane like this now? What the hell happened to such a happy and cute kid? Well, the answer lies in his parents. His parents were the reason that he would end up such an emotionless person.

One day, out of nowhere, his parents started treating him weird. You see, to Zane at the time, his parents were the one most important thing to him in the entire world. They were the thing that mattered to him most. He was about 9 at this time.

Then, it happened. For a kid who trusted someone so much, this was going to take a toll on him.

His parents had abandoned him. They said they never liked him in the first place, and that he was jsut a waste of their hard earned money. So, they left their son, and moved off to a place where Zane had no idea of. To this day, Zane never has found his parents.

Zane became cold soon, and became more a gangster, picking fights and trying to earn money. He got into gambling. And now, here we are, 20 plus years later. He's more civilized now, but due to the many nights of crying after his parents left, he is now emotionless, and cares nothing for the human race. The only thing that didn't abandon him, from his parents, to gang members, to  animals, was his money. And that is why he cherishes it more than anything.

RP Sample: Greed had been wandering around Vernus just a little bit, and decided it to be a cool idea to go and check out the basement of the place. So, once he got down there, he would find a room, an odd one at that. Upon opening the door, Greed would be in this weird place, before an enemy would appear before him.

"Please wait, your opponent is coming." a strange voice would say, assumingly from the heavens. Greed though this to be weird, and creepy as well. Knowing this, he decided it would be best to get out of here.. but, the door was locked. Well, shit. Looking back, Greed would begin to search around the room, looking for an exit. It was a 10 meter tall room, and it looked like it was a fairly light one as well, but strangely Greed wasn't able to find any light sources, not even a window. Just what was this place...

Greed stood in the middle, hands in his pockets, as he looked up towards the top of the room, where the voice first came from. "Well? Are we gonna get started, or what? I'd like to get out of this place.." hed say, before his eyes going back to where the door used to be when he first entered the strange room. He wasn't sure what this place wanted with him, but he'd be getting out. This was kind of annoyign, but at the same time.. interesting. Though, Greed wasn't enjoying it.

Face Claim: Griffith - Berserk

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