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1 Valsinder on Wed Sep 02, 2015 3:27 pm


Name: Valsinder or just Val for short.
Age: 20
Date of Birth:Oct/13th
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics:

Personality: Valsinder  is a reather quiet and most of the time to himself kind of person, It is not shyness more then just normally to self, He did not view it as a problem. Valsinder also is a rather truthful person viewing it as if you have to ask him you might not like what he tells you but you will get his thoughts upon the subject.
Man who is has an rather good uncanny ability to wait when he needs or told to, He has a high sense of duty and honor due to how he is. This goes as long as he being annoyied by other people he seemed to be strong willed enough not to break out and rage when people try too, This often show when he goes to play music or cook.
Valsinder often cover up emotions he may have, simply due to his own strong will he does not know times it is only to feel emotional or break down, but due to this you can often find Valsinder wanting to be along is over sad situations. Only able to express his feeling upon close friends or family.
When he has to be Valsinder is overly protective either when it comes to job or family, many often wonder were this came from but this kind of side from does exist only shocking because it does not show often, also being rather devoted to people he has to be he is a strongly faithful person to anyone he mentions it too.
When able or feels comfortable around a person Valsinder is rather warm hearted and rather caring for others, it is something he oftes worries about other taking too far with him and so it is why he often did not show this part.
Spicy Foods: Valsinder has a weakness towards spicy foods, normally the type to believe anyone has a food weakness.
Playing his Cello: A hobby he picked up when he was young Valsinder learn and still plays the cello as often as he can, it  is a peaceful and happy past time to him.
Fall weather: Rain,Cold, falling leafs and all of the other things is somethin Valsinder likes.
Being Interupted: Valsinder often explain things and takes his time too, stopping him at any point makes him feel like he is wasting his time and is no longer worth talking about.
Being told he is wrong when he is right: Not the type to be brag or rub it in people faces Valsinder often mentions what he feels he is right, able to be mention when he is wrong, but if he is right and you tell him he is wrong will onl bug him.
Wasted Food: You just cooked or had it made for you why not eat it all, Is it that hard to do?
Freedom of action and life: the one thing everyone strides for, There are many reasons to fight for it so it is something he will always go after.
Protecting the lives of known ones: Value the one you care about, you will never know when you are going to lose them.

Height: 187.96(6'2"0
Weight: 81kgs (180 pounds)
General Appearance: Valsinder is in rather decent shape and height, adorn with short black hair that has a trail of it that goes over his face that stops at his nose, yellow eyes and a small almost unnoticeable mole under his right eye. In light armor that is dark green, that leaves his shoulder open  and his arms uncovered, he covers his arms with a single gunlet and a shoulder pad with cloth covering for arm protection. With a brown belt that has straps to hold what ever he needs such as water and food that stop just a little past his waste, He wears long boots  black leather boots that cover all of his legs leaving small opening at his waste and are steeled toed, None of this offers protection or any stats at all these are purely cosmetic.

History: Valsinder was picked up by a group of knights after he wish to learn from them after he  manage to ran away from something that he knew and called a nightmare, he had no questions asked about for he mentioned he wished no one to ask or talk about only to learn. The kid as long young as 9 felt he needed to make his choice in life this early and make the choice of his life then and there.
Something rushed into but in the end he made it learnt many things form these men, It was all he wanted to know was to fight and grow up  to be as he wanted to be, a kind of prideful spearman is all what they people who raised him wanted. Both seemed happy with what happen in the end as he grew up to be a good person and loyal to his job and his ideals.
Knows that his family is still living and out there he had not made an overly large attempt to contect them, viewing as he had a few other things he may need to do before just finding family such has playing music, eating food. Valsinder knows he will encounter his fmaily again but whenever is up to fate to choose.
Not an overly famous person who what he does its how Valsinder prefers it to be, His thoughts of seeing blood and murder drive him to live and protect whoever he needs to be. The people who watched him grow mention a lot of how this person changed from a small scared kid screaming at the smallest thing to a person who know and is not scared to defend himself or some one he cares about when it happens, Valsinder  has grew up quickly sometimes too quickly in others peoples eyes.

RP Sample: Sitting to himself with a wooden chair in the quiet hours of the night Valsinder had his cello next to him, This old stringed  thing has not seem to wither or show any sign of the wooden being damnge or bend. One of the many things he could keep in mind that would work for him when he needed it too.
Setting  down a glass of water on a table next to him, Valsinder started praticing the starting of he learnt, progessing into other things Valsinder took the basics into account and kept going more and more toward harder things like a way to remind you were you started, was it a good thing? he always wondered but it made him happy and that was something, The thought of playing alone made him think about how often he use to hear music when he was with his family, everything was lively and musical with them, but that part of life was wrong sadly, There was not reason to feel sad about it the past was just a nightmare he should not worry about it.
The play slowly went faster and faster and more to the point were it could harm his fingers, stopping because he started to feel his fingers hurt a tiny bit he would set the cello aside and continue. "I should stop doing that one of these days..." Valsinder mentioned to himself."It might not end well." Mentioning to himself he never really cared about praticing alone, it was normal at this point but it never really mattered to him.

Face Claim: Lancer- Fate/Zero.


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2 Re: Valsinder on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:35 pm

This is ready to be looked at.

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3 Re: Valsinder on Thu Sep 03, 2015 4:50 pm

Your general appearance doesn't meet the 100 word count requirement. Also, specify that the armor you wear is just cosmetic and doesn't supply actual protection. Also, you state that you have a spear. You cannot start out with weapons.


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4 Re: Valsinder on Fri Sep 04, 2015 9:03 am


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5 Re: Valsinder on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:25 pm


+1,000 Zeny


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