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Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]

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1 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:20 pm

 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Ts0m2Ds

Larissa had been without any blood kin for over 10 years now, and though she still missed them, she didn't feel lonely anymore. First she became close to Allie, closer than they'd ever been before, and then, one by one, she filled out the missing pieces of her soul with her remaining friends. A game she and Allie played in the orphanage evolved into something much, much greater, and she now counted herself as the Sky who embraced and protected her six closest friends, while each of them embraced their own individual willpower and became a different guardian, with a different role to match. More than anything, they were a family, who loved and protected each other and were happy to just adventure together...

She never saw herself as the leader, in fact she always thought Allie would make a better leader for their little group, assuming it even needed one. But she was still the one whose role was accepting all others: The great Sky that encompasses all. Tonight they decided a little revelry was in order and luckily there happened to be a festival that very night. Larissa wore a short blue Kimono, and cheerfully explored the festival.

"This looks fun!! Shall we check it out?", she'd ask her friends with a happy grin on her face, but would end up going anyways, darting off into the crowd

What stood before her was a stage where random people took turns at singing songs, a sort of Karaoke act? She didn't feel like she was a good singer, but it was festival, so she had to give a try... Right? She stared at the stage hesitantly, should she have a go, or not? Watching others was fun enough...

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 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Relaxe10

River was with Larissa and the other guardians today. She wouldn't be dressing as she normally did. She would be dressing a bit more relaxed. She wasn't wearing anything like a kimono like what Larissa was wearing, but it was a huge step up from that cloak she always wore. She smiled as she saw that Larissa was really excited about the whole thing. After she said that it looked fun and asked if they wanted to check it out, she went darting off into the crowd. River giggled. She would chase after Larissa. Although she was quiet, that didn't mean that she didn't like being around people after all.

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Hikaru kept quiet as they made their way through the festival. Himself he was wearing a button down shirt with some basic slacks. Nothing too fancy. He wasn't one too over dress. HE simply followed Larissa where she was going. Finally she asked if she should go, but then she just ddi sit anyways. He could only manage to put a smile on his face Some people just never changes. As they approached the stage there was a Mic, and Hikaru wouldn't even consider putting it infant of him. There were just some questions even he did not need answered.

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 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  2CyaYlO

Rune-Midgarts was a strange place, nothing quite like her father's Kingdom to be sure. It obviously raised out of different circumstances, as her father was largely a nomad when he wasn't raising children. Still, Vedette seemed to have little trouble getting around.

But then, she'd just arrived here, fresh off the boat. She found herself in Izulde town, in the middle of a festival of sorts. Splendid!, she'd think to herself as she moved through the crowds of people present, earning glances in her direction, but paying them no mind, as she was far more interested in the attractions and entertainment this city had to offer.

Clad in her casual regalia, Vedette strolled through the town, coming upon a stage of shorts. With a microphone placed upon it. Perhaps a concert was to be preformed? Vedette stood, shifting her weight to one foot as she waited for something to happen.

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A random citizen walked over and picked up the microphone, singing a funky, upbeat song that had most people nodding and tapping their feet, even Larissa. The guy was hardly a good singer, but her was clearly having fun. Over the years Larissa had overcome most of her insecurity, but actually managing to get up on a stage and sing was apparently still a no-go:

"River-chan, why don't you have you go next?!", asked Larissa, still eager to see one of her friends try it out, playfully getting behind her and slowly pushing her towards the stage. The girl did have a lovely singing voice...

Hikaru had stayed back, he never seemed too fond of large crowds, and Vedette was nowhere to be found. Her red hair was hard to miss so if she was around, they'd be seeing her soon... Larissa was already prepared for some hands on inspection of her choice of clothes.

Interacting with: Kerii

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 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Tumblr_nn2qviNXTJ1tjrgk5o1_500
Sitting against the tree she would sheath herself from the distance of the human kind. Was she still human? She didn't feel so most of the time, but for Larissa she wanted to keep on going till the end was there for either herself or for her friend that she cherished. In her world of mind or in what some call it, spirit realm a realm that only mages can visit. Flames developed around her as she looked at the shadow in front of her....

''Fekiikiri sia itov...'' she spoke softly as she nodded her head forth towards it. The shadow looked at her with empty eyes and spoke once more back the same language.

''Svanoa re wux kiwiegir sia katima?''

''Si mi ti jaunus shafaer svanoa ekess kiwieg tafiafir mrith wer lyrik svih. Svabol sjek si wielg ihk ir? Svabol sjek wer kepesk ui wer ir usv svabol sjek...what sjek...something shinaltic? si nishka start gethrisjir jaka pliso...'' she spoke and rambled nervously as she then poofed out of there and appeared in the middle of something with some flames still around her.

 Her face glowed beautifully as her cloak would then settle nicely flat as she walked then to see Larissa. Her eyes widened a little as she saw her with other people...The other guild people. She didn't care if all they saw was a shadowy person upon a cloak as her face started to then cover by shadows, not able to be seen. She was truly shy as she saw Hikaru. For some reason when it comes to males, deep within she feels shy and therefore not wanting to talk and acting cold instead of her actual self.

Turning off the flaming interruption she then went more into the area and then as she saw them clearer she then stayed in the enjoy this simple human entertainment instead as she stayed in the back....

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Videns was with the guardians, whom he hadn't seen them in ages. It seemed like they were going to do some dining in in this festival they were going around. Videns didn't sing at all, he could barley talk. He decided to stay towards the back of the group with hikaru. Videns was wearing casual cloths noting to formal. As he watched the girls sing he noticed a familiar shadowy figure in the corner of his eye. It was probably Allie. Videns would smile and make a hand gesture fir her to come over. He liked the other guardians but something about Allie made her just more fun to be around. If she wouldn't come over he would go over to her and drag her over to everyone else.

 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Stormg10
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8 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 12:43 pm


River blushed as Larissa said that she should go up next. River did love singing but... "You know I don't like a lot of people staring at me." River said quietly, probably too quiet for Larissa to hear over the loud noise everyone was making. The next thing River knew, Larissa had already pushed her up onto the stage. She was giving one of those "deer-in-the-head-lights" kind of looks. She looked at Larissa nervously and then walked over to the karaoke machine. She scrolled through the songs and picked one out that she remembered the words to.

 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Rivers14

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(Ooc: will be back, just need to spam quests Very Happy)

 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Stormg10
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10 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:08 pm

She knew it. River had a gorgeous, soothing singing voice, and after the little struggle to get over her stage shyness, she had everyone in the audience silent and listening, especially Larissa, who smiled proudly at having such a talented friend. While her role as the Rain was soothe and ease away conflicts; Larissa's was to accept and inspire all, and at times like these she believed she might actually be able to do a good job. Personally, she had always been easily the least dependable of all her friends, of all the guardians, but she learned from each of them, and their presence drove her to become stronger and better. She was starting to wonder if this wasn't what her role might mean when it mentioned "accepting all", especially when the longer she watched the dark haired girl, the better she liked the idea of trying to be her follow up:

"River's giving it her all... The least I should do is do the same.", Even if it was her pushing that urged River to try out singing at the Karaoke machine, the fact that she acctually accepted and did good inspired Larissa to overcome her own stage fright. She climbed up the stage, raising one hand to slap hers as she did, "Tag out, River!"

Larissa looked at the crowd and saw all eyes on her... The feeling was indeed intimidating, but she looked at her friend River, then at all the others in the back, and smiled. To go with an easy one, she picked the last song she heard that still rung in her head, at least the one she could actually find on the machine. She didn't have as good a voice as River did and though she looked a little uneasy at first, she got into the rythm and put on a cheerful, enthusiatic song as she got into it...

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11 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 6:35 pm

[exit] (going for quests. <3 bbl)

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12 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 7:39 pm

River hated how it now was almost dead silent except for her. She was so glad that Larissa decided to step in. "Thank you." River said with a smile to Larissa. She walked down the side stairs of the stage and would listed to Larissa sing. She seemed to pick a much more up-beat and exciting song. Yup, that was Larissa alright. You know, River wasn't sure that she's heard this song before. It was a different type of music then what she liked to listen to after all.

 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Rivers14

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13 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:45 am

Vedette hooked her arms behind her back, waiting patiently for someone, anyone, brave enough to take the stage. She wasn't at all proud of her voice, and she could tell this stage wasn't exactly the place for the music she could sing. She was about to step up herself, if only to prove this wasn't a death trap of some kind but a pedestrian beat her to it. His skills weren't for the redhead to judge, so she simply applauded him as he made his way back to his awaiting companions. With the show sufficiently on the proverbial road Vedette turned to make her way to the nearest exit, until she spotted a familiar head forcing another girl on stage.

The girl was her junior by a year, hair a gold crayon sort of blonde, too bright to be real, yet it wasn't fake. Her name, as she could recall, was Larisa. They'd met earlier today as Vedette got off her boat. The girl was... Enthusiastic, and seemed to enjoy physical contact. It wasn't a problem of course, they weren't doing anything dangerous. She'd spent about an hour with the girl, who had invited her to meet her friends this evening. Vedette wondered if she knew about these festivities and neglected to tell her.

Regardless, Vedette moved toward where the girl had been seated. She stopped though, halfway there once the dark haired woman began to sing. She showed notably more skill than the last one on stage, though that hardly mattered to the friendly foreigner. Before Vedette could join her, Larisa was off,  rushing toward the stage to replace the girl Vedette surmised was her friend. With her up there, Vedette would take the opportunity to meet the girl who'd just spent the last few minutes singing, approaching her by the stairs, gently tapping the girl's shoulder.

"You preformed well. Do you practice that talent, or is it simply a gift?", the tall barbarian would ask with a friendly grin before extending her hand,"I am Vedette Maxillius Sol, 8th daughter and 12th child of Harrvold Maxilanus Decimus Sol, how shall I know you?" offering her hand to the casually dressed maiden, she made careful note to size her up. Just in case.

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14 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:54 am

Hikaru walked next to river, smiling now speaking to her.

"That was a beautiful song. I myself, could never do such a thing."

He said, but then he heard Larissa sing. He couldn't help but enjoy it. Something about the voice was capturing, and it made him smile. He could see the entire crowd dancing to the Karaoke. Even Hikaru began to tap his foot smiling. She had just turned the entire crowd into a dance party. This was somewhat against his usual code, but Hikaru decided since it was just one time, it wouldn't hurt. He grabbed River and began to dance with her formal.

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15 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 8:29 am

The crowd sounded pretty pleased with her performance, so Larissa grinned, thanked them, and took a bow, making way for the next singer with a proud, happy look on her face. She scanned around the area and found Hikaru and River dancing, and didn't really feel like spoiling their mood by simply crashing their dance and potentially harassing River, so she would instead let them finish on their own, and would only re-join them afterwards. Seeing a familiar figure approaching them, she figured it might be best to intercept her for a while until those two were done dancing; The same girl she was looking for a while ago, the gorgeous redhead from earlier that afternoon:

"Vedette-chaaan~!!", she shouted out, dashing towards her and quickly catching her with one arm around her shoulder, for once containing her urges to fondle her - resting her hand on the tall girl's clavicle - given how unfamiliar the redhead was with her unique mannerisms. Harassment aside, touching people made Larissa feel closer to them... In Vedette's green eyes, Larissa saw an even sunnier disposition than her own, which was saying something. What exactly was she seeing in her? Her Hyper Intuition often made her aware of things, but it not always explained what those things were. Could she perhaps be the one flame their group yet lacked?

Until the time came to introduce her to River and the rest, Larissa would keep the girl company and perhaps get to know her a little better, walking aimlessly with her. Despite her noble heritage, the girl seemed like the down to earth type, and even then Larissa would likely still adress her with the same familiatity as she would anyone else.

"So, how are you finding Izulde?", asked a curious Larissa, turning her head towards the redhead yet still somehow managing to walk through the crowd without bumping into anyone, seemingly by instinct. She scanned her head to toe, her eyes helplessly lingering on her plunging cleavage, and gladly distracting herself by chatting instead, looking into her pretty green eyes and hearing her answer...

She usually learned these things by talking to people anyway, that's how her intuition best worked... But if Vedette did indeed have the missing flame and complete their guardian puzzle, she'd have to introduce her to everyone else very soon.

Interacting with: Vedette

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16 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 1:08 pm

River saw Hikaru starting to come over. He said that it was a beautiful song. River smiled. "Thank you." she said to Hikaru. Suddenly, Hikaru grabbed her and pulled her into a dance. She was a bit surprised. This wasn't like him. He usually liked to hang out away from the crowds. Oh, there was one thing about River. She may be able to sing, but she couldn't dance very well. "Just warning you, I can't dance very well." River said to Hikaru.

 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Rivers14

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17 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 10:15 pm

Before Vedette could really get a response, Larisa, the girl she'd met earlier today demanded her attention, excitedly throwing her arm around her shoulder. It wasn't an unwelcome embrace, but it was slightly awkward. If only because Vedette was slightly taller. "Ah! Larisa, I was just about to learn the name of your comrade!", Vedette would say turning to face River, who by now, was long gone. Whisked away it seemed by a young man with seemingly no manners. Vedette could only frown, though, as it couldn't really be helped. They'd met again, she'd make sure of it. For now, she'd catch up with Larisa, whom she little about truly.

"I found it quite easily, it is clearly marked on the map. I was quite fortunate to have met you upon my arrival, your advice has been most helpful. For that, I am in your debt.", the gladiator said while the two moved through the crowd. Larisa dud so nimbly avoiding the people Vedette merely gently pushed aside.

Once they'd cleared the crowd, Vedette stopped quite suddenly and grasped Larisa's shoulder with her own hand, sliding away from her compatriots embrace. She lowered herself to one knee. I, Vedette Maxillius Sol, 8th daughter and 12th child of Harrvold Maxilanus Decimus Sol, pledge that should ever have need, my body is yours to command.

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18 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Sat Sep 05, 2015 8:54 am

The girl was indeed getting ready to meet River, but that was alright, she would be introduced to all of them very soon, and with a little luck she might even be joining them for some adventures. Holding herself close to Vedette she could verify that the girl trained really hard too, probably even more than her, having a body better suited for battle. It didn't feel as if she had to overcome a meek childhood, having been born strong instead... Lucky... Still, Larissa had grown to believe it was better to have the strength to overcome a difficult life than simply living an easy one, and both of them had that in common:

"Soon you'll meet all of them.", reassured Larissa, dismissing the need for Vedette-chan to feel indebted. The girl was friendly and had a kind heart, and was the kind of person the blonde could grow to be great friends with, "Don't mention it! I was happy to help you out."

Her happy smile was momentarily repaced with surprise as the tall redhead pulled away and knelt in front of her as a knight would, true to her regal heritage. She pledged her loyalty to Larissa and more importantly... Her body; her ravishing, stunning body... Perverted as ever, she blushed at her words initially, as always misunderstanding everything in a sexual manner, but then she looked into her eyes and saw the truth behind it. A bright yellow flame, as gleaming as the sun itself, standing between their family and any adversity that might come at them. She reached out for Vedette's hand and spoke in an warm, equally noble manner, smiling with same welcoming friendliness:

"I see in you the Will of the Sun Guardian we've been looking for...'To Destroy the misfortune that attacks the family with your own body, you will become the Sun that brightly shines upon an area'; that shall be your role. If you accept it, then Rise, Fiamma del Sereno*.", of course, she was still Larissa and this solemn moment wouldn't last long. The moment Vedette started standing up, Larissa would reach her other hand as if going for her shoulder but "accidentally" grab her breast instead, feeling up the full tenderness with a playful smile. Her top offered little protection so she could appreciate the girl's smooth skin which further enticed her touch... Despite blushing and obviously lingering there, she would still pull away should she sense an angry outburst from her new friend, raising her hands up and apologizing, "Sorry, sorry...!!"

Regardless, she'd continue walking around the area with Vedette, this wrapping her arm around the girl's waist which proved significantly more comfortable than around her shoulder, though not as comfortable as her supple chest...

"So... Do you feel ready for an adventure?", she'd ask merrily, thinking of bringing her along for tomorrow's adventure

*Flame of the Clear Sky

Interacting with: Vedette

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19 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:02 am

Much to Vedette's surprise the young blonde had some idea of what to say next, though it didn't really matter what she had to say, Vedette was not giving her a choice. Larissa spoke of something Vedette didn't exactly understand, it sounded like magic nonsense, but she'd let it go, rising long before Larissa invited her to. Perhaps this is why her hand had found itself to the redhead's breast.

Of course, Vedette didn't even flinch at the "accident" and could only smile and rustle the blonde's hair once she'd begun to apologize. "What are you apologizing for? And of course, I'd be happy to join you on an adventure! Let our enemies lament our coming!"

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20 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Sun Sep 06, 2015 4:23 pm

The redhead didn't let her finish, and it became clear to Larissa that despite her mannerisms, she was still a woman of action and not words. As expected of someone with her flame; she'd clearly fulfill her role perfectly, it would be as natural as breathing. Better yet, she wasn't the least bit bothered Larissa's friskiness, laughing and ruffling her hair. The blonde was so used to being called a pervert on that account she already considered her favorite hobby to be "sexual harassment". But Vedette was different:

"Force of habit, don't worry about it!", Larissa laughed dismissively, obviously happy that the redhead didn't give a shit where the other touched her. Thus she didn't hesitate in letting her hand wander a little lower and rest on her buttock instead of her waist, leading her friend along in that manner to walk through the festival: her current goal being a nearby cotton candy stand. She grinned confidently at the girl's statement; they had the same spirit when it came to quests, "Damn right!! But tell me, what style of combat are you best suited to?"

She looked pretty curious as she looked at the redhead, intrigued. Larissa had her suspicions based on her element and her battle hardened body. She already knew the girl was a warrior from their earlier exchanges, but what she didn't know was what kind of warrior. Spear, sword and shield? As she awaited the answer, she bought and lump of cotton candy and slowly ate chunks of it as she chatted with her new friend.

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21 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 3:50 am

It was good that Larissa didn't mind the "seize the day" mentality Vedette possessed. She didn't have it in her to wait for too long, especially when there was nothing to gain from doing so. Their partnership would hopefully end in this similar scenario but with Larissa on the end of the pledgeling, swearing fealty when Vedette planned to return home.

The two girls carried on and Larissa's wondering hands didn't faze the statue of a girl in theeast. For her, it was just a hand. There was no harm in it, so why waste time fussing about it. The duo made there way through the festival, Larissa had her eyes on a small wagon selling colorful clouds on sticks, while Vedette made note of the things she'd like to try. All the foods smelled delicious and she'd be sure to sample it all before moving on, and many small stands had been set up. Various places to test one's skills in contests of axe or knife throwing, archery, and various other mediums Vedette enjoyed.

Still, those could wait. Larissa had asked her about how she fought, and Vedette couldn't hold back a boisterous laugh,"Wahahahaha~! I think it is best to not restrict oneself to a single method of combat. A warrior's place is to be the truest expression of martial prowess, an as such, it is foolish to limit yourself to a single style... With that said, I was taught that it is best to meet your enemy head on, let them know your name so they might know who bested them.", the redhead would say as she too purchased a large pink cloud on a stick and mimicked Larissa as she ate it. It was surprisingly sweet, not at all how she imagined what cloud would taste like.

"My father would tell me that fear is like a spear; It's got a long reach, it leaves debilitating wounds, and it is best to put it inside your enemy, so that they don't put theirs into you. To that end, it is best to find the biggest weapon one can carry, and swing it around as it were nothing. I prefer to approach my enemies in peace, bravado is sometimes enough to avoid conflict... said Vedette with a colorful smile, before it slowly faded as she finished the sugary treat, "But should negotiations fail, their bodies shall decorate the tip of my blade.", the barbarian princess would say slowly, pointing her stick at a random passersby, giving him a death glare the likes of which made him turn tail and run. Vedette would slowly lower the stick to her side and turn back to her friend with the sunniest of smiles, hopeful that she'd demonstrated her point.

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22 Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians]  Empty Re: Night out in Izulde [Open to Guardians] on Mon Sep 07, 2015 10:02 am

The two girls delightedly ate their cotton candies as the curious Larissa eagerly listened to the tales of the sunny girl's exploits. She claimed to prefer keeping an open mind and adopting different styles to better suit the widely different circumstances one might be forced upon. This earned an agreeing nod from Larissa who nonetheless kept silent. She defenitely sounded like what she might imagine an old school warrior to be like, loud, boisterous and proud, stanting at the front of the assault, slaying enemies by the dozen.

She then went on to explain how her father taught her that fear was just an other weapon... Larissa understood her point, since she always believed a demonstration of strength to be more than enough to strike fear into the heart of a weaker enemy and save herself the trouble of having to kick their nose in:

"Your father sounds like a smart warrior... I bet you have a lot of interesting stories about him.", commented Larissa, laughing playfully as she scared off a random passerby with nothing by a tiny wooden stick and a mean look, but this merry laughter didn't hide her amazement. Larissa had to crush a wall with kick to achieve the same effect, so she had to admit this was a good way of conserving her energy. There was a lot she could learn from Vedette, just like she'd learned so much from all the other guardians. The next idea had her look at the redhead with fire in her eyes as a a keen desire to see this strength for herself welled up inside her, "You'll have to join me for a little training sometime! I've never met a warrior like you, let alone befriend one."

If there was one thing she loved more than sexual harassment, was fighting a strong opponent, even in a simple sparring session. Larissa discarded her empty cotton candy stick and pointed at the nearby game stands excitedly. It was often a good way to see her friends' talents in action in a casual manner:

"How about we go for some games?", she'd grab onto Vedette's hand this time and lead her to the nearest game, which was just the good old dart throwing game. She wasn't particularly good at this one, but she wasn't too bad either, and only managed to pop two out of three baloons with three darts, missing just one. It was actually a good game for her, since accuracy really wasn't her strongest suit...

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