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Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]

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1Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Empty Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite] on Wed Sep 02, 2015 10:03 am

Lucifer, Yup The Blue head was here in Izlude and he was gonna rock the town though he was serious all the time mostly he wasn't today today he was in mood of Flirting with girls "The Game Begins" he said as he rolled through the streets with his tights and Leather armor on him today but he didn't bring his bow and arrows cause he wasn't in mood of a battle today he had goon through Assassination missions enough for his clan he was tired of that torture that was given to him when he was a child but it didn't actually faze him ever and instead made him strong by telling him the truth of the world that there are only two kinds of people in the world, Winners and the losers and he wasn't a loser at all with that unknowingly when he was staring Beautiful blonde women he clashed into her and her bust will clash into his chest (It's you Lari) he will actually stop and give some force to the bust by his chest which can be enough to push her down but she can also control herself. "Oh I am sorry for that If you didn't get hurt lady that's good or did you?" he said with a questioning look on his. face


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Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  N3vCc54

What a beautiful day... Izulde Town was indeed as pretty as the rumours said it would be, darn shame they weren't planning on staying too long. It was just the time it took to find themselves a nice little quest to go on. Just what kind of quest would be awaiting them this time around? There was no way to know, but for now, Larissa simply walked around searching for her friends. She had slept in and they had all gone off somewhere. Being alone was boring...

She slipped on a casual short blue quipao dress and strolled through the streets, looking around with an absent look on her face. There weren't any of her friends in sight, just where the hell had they gone? Well, until she finally found them might as well see if she met anyone or saw anything interesting. That was until she bumped into something - or someone - and though her chest cushioned the impact, her distraction caused her to lose her balance and fall back on her butt:

"Owww...", she groaned, standing up and rubbing her rear to wipe off the dust, turning up to see a cute blue haired boy standing in front of her, drawing into a friendly smile afterwards, "...It's alright I'm fine."

Not only did she train often enough, but a whole youth of clumsiness also served to toughen her up against the occasional fall and tumble. She wasn't nearly as clumsy now, unless she was distracted. She examined the guy, and noticed he had an odd tattoo under his right eye... What's up with that?

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Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Superthumb
"Oh sorry come on then get up take my hand anyways I'm Lucifer a bad name I know" he then let his hand forward and grabbed the girl pulling her up and he could tell by her face that she had a interest in his tattoo it looked kinda weird but preferred by him cause it matched his unreasonably good looks and all his muscles he then lowered his head and let out a grin and then raising his head said "This is um.. a Birthmark" he genuinely said it.

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The guy helped her stand up, and caught her looking at his tattoo. Birthmark, huh? Larissa's look was quizzical and doubtful, but her gut said he was telling the truth; at the very least, he had that mark since he could remember which was odd. He introduced himself as Lucifer, the name of a demon from a certain religion she wasn't pledged to:

"Unusual pattern for a birthmark, huh?", she commented curiously, her mouth drawing into a friendly smile, "I'm Larissa... Nice meetin ya!"

She then looked away from the guy for a moment to look at her surroundings, and then back into Lucifer's eyes. What he was up to here? Did he just have nothing better to do like her?

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"It is a Unusual pattern as I originate from an ancient Ninja Clan but I am better off a Archer and My parents said it is a Birthmark" the girl then introduced herself as Larissa now that he did pay attention to her she looked hot and he left out a whisper like whistle sound "Nice to meet ya' Larrisa!" he then looked at her she was looking around to find someone she knew or anybody and that was the one thing he was sure of he said "Are you looking for someone?" he said in questioning way and then said "So what are you up cause I am just roaming the town looking for someone I can spend some time with"

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Ninja huh? So he's just like Eve, though probably hailing from a different family. Apparently, clans and bloodlines were very important to ninjas. Lucifer asked if she was looking for something so she gave a lost expression, scratching her forehead with one finger:

"Can't seem to find my friends...", she said, looking at Lucifer then back around her again. Maybe he could help her? Eve was good at stuff like tracking and sneaking, so maybe Lucifer shared some of her skillset, "If you're a ninja archer, you must be good at finding people no?"

She could notice the guy looking at her with a somewhat perverted demeanor, she'd been on that side often enough to recognize when she was being oggled. She didn't mind the attention, though Larissa preferred to be romantic with boys and physical with girls. Hell, if he was interested in looking, he'd probably be happy for an excuse to hang around her some more.

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Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  384?cb=20141020161234
Eve would be dressed in her normal, everyday uniform and be doing some spying on a few people she knew. Seeing a blond haired girl and a blue haired boy, Eve would choose to jump down to surprise them. "Hey.... what is happening? my name is Eve, pleasure to make your acquaintances. well, what are you two up to? your not going on a date are you? that would be rude of me if i interrupted. oh, i have been shadowing you two for a while now, hope you don't mind." Eve would say before laughing, having a big smile on her face.

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"Hello Evey! My name is Lucifer Locket I'm from an Ancient Clan of Ninjas and you look like one spying on people maybe your thinking to infiltrate our clan? and I knew a girl named Eve in my childhood we were cousins actually" he said with a frown on his face and then with a smile to Eve and then said to Larissa "I am very good at finding people and I was a Infiltrator from my clan and I think I can help you with it just who do you really want to find?" that was with a smile he had inescapably mood swings when with girls those who look like enemies he may kill them or not It's his choice after all then his Tattoo he let out an loud sound "Owww! That tattoo is hurting bad" he said a paining expression on his face

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Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Latest?cb=20150530224337&path-prefix=es

Mura was walking across the streets of Izlude, in his usual clothes and with his totem on his belt, when he suddenly spotted a group of people. He saw at them talking and they seemed to learn each other to know. He didn’t really know if he should approach them or not, it seemed that they just met each other now. He took the chance and walked towards them, probably surprising them by showing up from behind. “Hey guys.” he greeted with a smile. He tried to be as friendly as he could, “Mura here, nice to meet you.” His red totem would dangle around his belt, though it was tied up thoroughly. “So… whatcha doing? he continued. He looked at the blue-haired guy's pain and asked if he's okay.

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10Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Empty Re: Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite] on Thu Sep 03, 2015 10:40 am

Surprised by someone jumping in behind them, Larissa's surprise was soon replaced with indecent glee once she saw who it was:

"Evey-chaaaan~!!", Larissa greeted innocently, surprising her by taking full advantage of how the girl failed to recognize her immediately. She would reflexively dash at Evey by kicking the ground and firmly wrapping her arms around her torso from behind, blushing as she eagerly fondled her bosom with a playful, perverted look, "I missed you~!!"

Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Td3YVDR

Fake innocence mixed with perverted behavior and sexual harassment was Larissa's typical behavior and favorite hobby after all. She was perfectly capable of speaking casually to both the victims of her harassment and anybody else, and that included people she'd just met, like Lucifer:

"I already found one! Two actually~!!", she answered with a playful grin, and her kneading of Eve's breasts finally slowed down as the guy held onto his tattoo painfully, "Are you alright...?"

Concern was one of the few emotions capable of restraining her hentai urges. Another guy soon appeared, no doubt lured by the interaction between the other two girls, and when he did Larissa had already felt up every inch of Evey's succulent curves, so she finished up her examination by giving a quick grab to her rear and letting her go:

"Her!", mischievous as ever, Larissa simply pointed at Eve with a sheepish look before introducing herself with a cheerful, friendly smile, "I'm Larissa, nice to meet ya too!"

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"L...Larissa... d...don't... do that... without... permission... as... being harassed by you... without knowing... hurts... a lot... so.. please... ask before... examining my... body... " Eve would say with a very sheepish and embarrassed tone in her voice before turning a very bright red. noticing the new comer, Eve would try to make herself presentable and straighten her shirt and skirt out. "err... h...hello... i... my name is Eve... n...nice to... m... meet you... " Eve would say in a very shy tone before jumping back into the shadows, hiding her red face from everyone.

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Lucifer will kneel on the ground with his pain, why all of a sudden was this thing happening in the world then his pain stopped and he will see Larissa fondling Eve's bosom what a bloody scene it was blood flew to his mouth and he started to roll on the floor laughing for the first time in his whole life he laughed as a demon "Muwahahahahahha!!!, Muwahahahahahha!!!!" and then will get up and will say in a funny voice "Well, That's truly emasculating let me show you my special thing then" as he walked to Larissa and placed a hand on her shoulder and would truly unnoticed pull her Lingerie out and walk away like nothing happened and will then walk 2 meters from Larissa to make sure he doesn't get beaten and would take out the Lingerie from his chest then  and threw it up in the air "Hope you liked it" he said as the lingerie dropped on his head "Your bra smells good Larissa!" he would then say and say throw it on Larissa's hands showing his trick of treachery

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13Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Empty Re: Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 11:14 am

Evey had a very hard time fighting back against Larissa's harassment which only made her more adorable and exquisitely more harassable. She vasnished into the shadows the moment a new kid showed up. But of course that wasn't the end of it. The guy with the demon name rolled on the floor laughing in a matchingly demonic manner. It was funny, perhaps even adorable, but not what he did next.

"Hmm, what is it?", asked a curious Larissa as the guy approached her, but there way she'd have expected him to do that

Her chest suddenly felt lighter; she needed a heavy duty bra due to her large cup size, so it was easy to notice it missing. Blushing, her expression instanly became a fiery mix of embarassment, outrage, and most importantly, awe. This was what ninja techique could do if put to use for perverted reasons? Regardless, Sexual Harassment was her thing, and to see it used against her like that was insulting, especially from someone she never met before: Even larissa held back in such situations.

A black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Larissa not only excelled at kicking, but she had incredibly sprinting speed and explosive acceleration, so she darted after Lucifer immediately and planted a flying side kick to his chest before he could even see what was coming to him:

"SEXUAL HARASSMENT IS MY THING YOU PERVERT!!!", she roared fiercely, kicking him away a good few meters, the mix of rage and awe was very noticeable, "MORE IMPORTANTLY, TEACH ME HOW TO DO THAT!!!"

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14Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Empty Re: Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite] on Fri Sep 04, 2015 12:00 pm

As Mura was about to say something else, he spotted how Larissa was harrassing this shy Eve and titled his head a bit. That was surely weird, and of course a bit funny, in his eyes. After the "examination", Eve would shyly hide her red face away from him. He began to ask himself id she was too shy to speak with him or if it was because of the harassment before. But he remained titling his head at them, straightening his totem and looked at Lucifer, who fell down to the ground laughing as a demon. “Ehh…?” came out of his mouth, but when Lucifer stood up and performed his “ninja skill” he went completely speechless for a moment. Well, he was even more shocked to see Larissa kick him a few meters away with that strange statement. “Wow… that was a harsh kick.” he complimented her, “Well…” he looked at her and Eve for a second, to show up in front of fallen Lucifer in an instant. “Need help, pal?” he asked and put out his hand, smiling, “you gotta learn me that technique, though. That was fast…”

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hiding in the shadows would seem like the safest spot for now, seeing as how Lucifer had gone a bit mad and took Larissa's bra right from under her noes, and Larissa and Mura wanting to learn how to do that. "Why do non-ninja's want to learn ninja techniques? it doesn't make much sense in learning them if you don't know the way of the ninja. i guess i should stop them. " Eve would say before jumping out from her hiding spot and appearing behind the mad, if not insane, Lucifer.

"too bad that technique isn't a ninja one, just a common thief one. Real ninja don't steal, they retrieve and obtain. i use proper ninja techniques, not con ones like Lucifer here. if you want to learn ninja techniques, ask me. if you want stealing ones, ask Lucy here. " Eve would say before giggling then disappearing, leaving leaves in her place.

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16Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Empty Re: Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite] on Thu Sep 10, 2015 11:48 pm

Eve was mean, it looked like she didn't knew the village head, that prune was a pervert like him and he thought that technique to all the male ninjas in the village he would sense as Eve would be behind him and what she'll do, she called him a thief, she was a real bitch who didn't knew it was a technique for boys only even their fathers have learned that and Eve wasn't aware of anything happening around the village like she was a loner and didn't need friend "Oh really girl that was thought top all the male ninjas in the village and I can also use some proper Ninja techniques like this one" as he jumped on Eve and back flipping from her shoulder as a Leverage and used the Flying squirrel technique and then landed on the ground, Looks like Eve didn't know that Ninjas like him had to do thief technique and he took the picture of the head out and showed it to Eve "Do you recognize him he was our village head, I was thought this technique by him".

The Great prune:
Clash of Perverts [Larissa/PM for invite]  Th?id=OIP.M2a90ee848017d93e9dc7f2b463a1a8c9o0&pid=15

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