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Characet sheet Sinthoras (done )

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1 Characet sheet Sinthoras (done ) on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:30 am

Name: Sinthoras Mercer
Age: 23
Date of Birth: 11-11
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics: red eyes.

Personality: Sinthoras does not really have alot of reactions to his surrounding. Most of the time he only thinks bout himself . He treats people like he does to almost everyone. Most people does he see as lower then him. He thinks he i better then them and acts like tht. Only if its a emperor or someonwe strong then him,  he show respect and treat that person better. He still looks at what he gains from it. On normal bases is his face without any emotion. He does see no one as his friend and is not interested in havin one. He can be nice but that is if he knows he can gain something out of iit . He is not someoene you can count on. He can backstab people and will never feel guilty about it. If you need help he will think what he gets and if that is not enough he will just leave you behind. When he figths he fights to win. He does not alow bhimself to retreat ever. He does not fear death and that makes him more dangerous. He will keep fighting till the bitter end. He likes to see the pain of others and to see blood and kil peopel. WHat him enjoys the most is the fae when he watches somoene die. (220)
1)Fighting. He does love to fight. The adreline and rush. The battle of death. He enyos the weight of his armor and weapons and when he crosses his swords with his opponent.
2) Himself. He is really full about himself. He likes himself becase of his strength and his body.
3) His motivation in life is to find goals on his path.The more goals he finds the more relevant he can become to himself and then he will be  less bothered with his fear.
1) When someone is stronger then him. He does not like it because he does consider himself to be the strongest. He likes to win and see them bleed.
2) He does dislike people. He is not really comfortable to work with peoepel together. He does not like it to see them happy. He prefer does everythign on his own. Nice peoepel happy people and people who try to help or cooperate with him do annoy him and irritate him heavily.
3) Disappointing the ones he cares about. He wants to be able to protect the ones he cares about. If he isnt able to be that strong they will get hurt and he does not want to let them down. He does not only dessepoint others but also himself

Motivation: Wha keeps Sinthoras going is his strogn will.  The will to survive. He wants to be as strong he can get. He wants to obtain the strentgth he needs to beat every enemy on his path. His other motivations in life is to find goals on his path. He is  scared of having no reasons to live for.  The more goals he finds the more relevant he can become to himself and then he will be  less bothered with his fear.
Height: 195cm
Weight: 79 kg
General Appearance: Sinthoras does not care about what others think. So he doesnt mind hiding the expresion on his face. He does just look liek a normal human. Black short hair and red eyes. He is medium muscled. I usually wear shoes with a usual jeans and a leather Jacket. He likes to be really encouth. He does look really sure of himself. Sinthoras does also not mind wearing a armor but he preffers a light armor to eb more mobile on the battlefield. He preffers a red armor. His weapons are always clos to himand one of his hands is most of the time on the hilt of his weapon.

History: Sinthoras is born is a little village. He had a though life. His motherand him had a rough time. His father was really violent. He was usually drunk and easily got mad. WHen he was mad it turned already fast in  aggresion followed by physical violence. In his younger years his mother triedto protect him with her own body. She shielded him. He was still young. He didnt understand waht was happeneing. His mother was always on his side protecting him. Everytime when she shielded him he saw the horrofic moves of his father and the blood slapshijg in my face. I saw the tears of my mom.

When we were alone we had fun and i felt the warmth and bing loved. I enjoyed hat and made crazy faces and jokes. We laughed a lot. Still the violence left dsome damage in his brain. His mother got exhausted of all the abuse. When Juuna was 8 did she succumed of exhaustion and the bad treatment. This did hit him really hard. He tried to find strength with his father. Instead of taking care of his son. The only family he got left he turned his back to him. He only used him as a new way to get his anger out of himself. Sinthoras became the new punchback.
When he was finally 16 something happened. His father used too much alcohol. He went in a coma nd didnt wake up anymore. Sinthoras went hoome. His mind was not able to take all this. He felt lonely.  He packed his stuff and left the village i grew up behind.

He got caught on his way by slave traaders.  They took him to a diffrent city. I waited  for a moment. WHen they arrived there i saw a way to escape. I  ran of inside the city. Sinthoras now lived on the streets like a orphan. He fought for his life. It was rough. He trained hard and signed up for th e army. He slowly gained a reputtion. He became a fearless soldier. He acchieved to get to the highst ranks and became rich. He bought a big house and had a lot of slaves under him. He did also start on somthing else. Art caught his interest. Not usuall art. His art would be diffrent from any other artist.  
(390 words.)

RP Sample: *Raleeha!!!* Roared Sinthoras at the half opened door in the room. His yell flew through the hall ways where at the walls hung paintings filled with darkness and beauty. Through the door came a tall young woman. She was wearing a closing, darkgrey dress. She hurried tthrough the room to her master. Sinthoras had to admit in his mind tha she was beautifull. Tha is why she didnt have to wear a veil to cover her face. In her blue eyes were tears vissible. Her long black hair recoils like a mourniing veil after her.

Before she entered did she knock a the dor and waited for Sinthoras  answer to let her enter the room. She remmeebred what happened to the last slave who did this. Her predecessor was killed by such a thoughtlessness mistake. The discontent sound of Sinthoas warned her.

*Come in* ordered he the woman with a soft voice, just to give her a appearence of security. He wouldnt show her is anger. Not yet. Shaking  did Raleeha oen her eyes and entered the room. Sh held her head low. She was not allowed to look me in the eyes. Master how can i serve you? Raleeha, I told you before to inform me if there was no more Pirogand- Yellow. Did i say at a mild tone, revelingin her increasing fear. She knew now that she had to become ice cold. She made a mistakeand he was so nice to her. She now new hat her fate was decided. She closed her eyes. Kill me quickly master. Begged she , while se bit on her underlip to suppress her sobbing. The pirogand-yellow Raleeha Sinthoras felt smeled the sweet magivcal smeel of Raleeha s fear. My negligence Master. She fell on the ground infront of me. I thougth the cup was still filled for a third part. My eyes cheated on me.

Sinthoras got closer to her. His hand grapped her at her chin. He lifted her head up. Look at me. Preforced did her eyes catch a glimp of me. On your knees, Raleeha. I push her head further backwards. You know tht this yellow is hard to obtin and with a lot of danger. I did want to finish the painint today. That is why i let come Helhfor. To look at me while i work to make sure i would create a master piece. His hand was still iunder her chin. His nails pushed in her flesh, it probably would torment her. But i cant finish it because of you.

Raleeha was shaking more. My negligence is unforgivable Master. Her voise sounds hoarse. Her words were no hypocrisy. Sinthoras knew that. I know how bad she felt, a traiter to the art her master made. I gave her a chance to look at the painting. What a supernatural paining and because of my negligence unfinalized. More tears dripped down her cheecks. Not of fear but of guilt. Raleeha, I always was satisfied abou your services. Did he say with a unsatisfied voice. Before you i never had someone liek you, who was able to furfill my orders like you did. That is why.. His fingers do let her go. I will spare your life.
Master !! Her voice was filled with joy. SHe fell before him and kissed the noses of his boots. I will never be unthinking again. I touched her left shoulder. Raleeha lifted her head. On her face was her thankfulness easily to read. The expression on her face changed to fear when she saw the small dagger i was holing in my right hand. Diidnt you say your eyes cheated on you? Yes Master Then i will only punish them. The rest of your body is innocent and will still serve me well, Raleeha.
With my left hand i hold her black hair. With my right hand i quickly pushed to the bottom and stabbed her in her eyeballs before she can even blink. The young woman scremaed out the pain but she stays where she is accapting her punishment. Bright moisty blood folowed the bath of her tears over her cheecks tot he ground. Sinthoras does let her go. I expect you will soon be able to walk through the house like you did before when you still had your eyes. Now go and let someoen look at your eyes. The young woman stands up touching around her slowly leaving the room and Sinthoasbehind her.

Face Claim:Alex Mercer (Prototype)

Fairytail event:

If it is an original character, state so.

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Once again sorry for my mistake

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