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Hikaru Nakamura

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1 Hikaru Nakamura on Wed Sep 02, 2015 8:24 am

Name: Hikaru Nakamura
Age: 19
Date of Birth: April 8th
Gender: Male
Special Characteristics:

Defective: Hikaru was born defective, and has part of his skin a different color. This defect is a weird one, because it expands only when Hikaru's body is releasing adrenaline.

Personality: Hikaru is a calm quiet guy who doesn't enjoy to get involved in the politics and arguments of the world, but he will if he has to. Right now his personality is sort of out going, and charismatic, yet looking at him from a distance and the way he carries himself in both body language and attitude, one would find him to be cocky and intimidating. Hikaru doesn't really enjoy being lied to, and tends to usually have double standards for certain things like that. He's honest with most people, and this is both a blessing and a curse. It's a blessing because someone can get honest opinions from Hikaru, it is a curse because he isn't one to just sit aside, and will call an individual out if they do something he does not enjoy. Though Hikaru is only 19 he does seem to be a lot more mature than most people twice his age. This is because he had spent most of his early life traveling around from a young age.


  • Fighting: Hikaru enjoys a good fight like anybody else. Something about the adrenaline pumping through his veins and the excitement always gets him ready for a good fight. No matter what situation he is in, Hikaru will enjoy fighting.

  • Winning: Hikaru enjoys winning, even if it is something simple but who doesn't. This is where he will most of the time choose the winning side unless it conflicts with his morale beliefs.

  • Loyalty: At the end of the day, that is what matters most. When you lose everything, who will have your back? Loyalty is the most important thing to Hikaru.


  • Dull: People who are dull, just don't deserve to live in Hikaru's eyes. He believes in Carpe Diem, seizing the day and enjoying it to its fullest. Some people just don't see the world he does.

  • Psychotic people: Hikaru dislikes Psychotic people. With a few bad experiences with a few girls he has determine what a Psychotic is. He has seen quite a few of them in his life, and has definitely determines he doesn't like them.

  • Junk food: He doesn't enjoy foods that will only make him fat, and not assist his body. He prefers to eat foods with actual nutritional value for the sake of looking good and making muscular gains.

Motivation: Loyalty is what drives Hikaru the most. To be loyal, is to show commitment towards something. To serve those who are loyal to him, and vice versa is what motivates Hikaru the most.

Height: 182.88 CM
Weight: 72 KG
General Appearance: Hikaru always has black slick hair. A long with that his body is very muscular, and well cut. In his abdominal region he has a six pack, and his skin is extremely fair, having little to no wrinkles or pimples. On his left forward, Hikaru has a small scar. Its not big, but it is somewhat not noticeable due to the fact that it has already healed. Hikaru has very skinny eyebrows, yet big eyes. The most distinct feature he has is he has marks that may sometime,  spread depending no the amount of adrenaline in his body, hence why he prefers to stay calm.

History: Born as a an abomination many people didn't enjoy Hikaru. He was born with a weird mark on his arm, and no doctor could explain it. No one was sure what it meant, and everyone thought he was an abomination. Therefore his parents left him at an orphanage. Though the thing about orphanage, is that the one he went to was a beautiful one. HE could not remember a bad memory because he hadn't been there for long. There were many parents at the time that couldn't conceive so eventually they searched and before long Hikaru was adopted. He was adopted to a younger couple, they loved the boy with all his marks, and defects. It was truly caring.

As a child Hikaru had a basic childhood, learning basic things. but he left home as a teen deciding there was more to life then just staying home and going through the regular school program. A long his adventure he did meet these two strange eleven year olds, and consistently bumped into things. Hikaru was always there and always seemed to be navigating them to certain stores since he was one who always enjoyed to go shopping in whatever city he went to. Now a few years have passed since then and Hikaru is looking for more to do with his life.

He had made little to no progress, and is now double thinking his life. His parents told him not to come home until he has at least established himself a profession. After not seeing them for so long, all he longs for is to return home. This is one of the main reasons why Hikaru values loyalty,because he was unloyalw to them. As he is approaching the age of 20, he plans to turn his life around and actually start to look for something serious to do with his life, and possible find someone to settle down with.

RP Sample: Hikaru couldn't help but smile as the lady made a mention to his hair color. It was a weird color, and at his prime it was one of his hair colors. He had been through the entire color wheel with hair actually, having white, orange, blue, yellow, and red. One women showed up very casual and nicely. On the other hand something took his attention as he kept quiet. He saw a man jump off a roof and land by them. Hikaru was waiting for his ice cream cone, and the man pointed out a gunner on top of the roof. The man who spoke was a demon and Hikaru didn't really care much for the situation, However he did speak for the first time.

" Thanks for the hair compliment."

He said with a smile. Completely ignoring the fact that a gunner was there. It seemed like the other girl was scaring him. On that girl was a Deus mark, he hadn't seen one of those in a while. It was in a similar spot that he had seen one on someone.


Thought Hikaru as he observed her now. However the energy she radiated wasn't one of a regular person, rather it seemed like a thought. Hikaru figured he would play along with it. He was the weakest link at the moment, or maybe it seemed that way. He was nonchalant about the gunner on the roof though. He was curious to see what these mages would do. He faced his back towards the gunner and waited for the ice cream man to return again.

Face Claim: Grey Fullbuster- Fairy Tail


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Just link your ftrp app into this app and then your all good to go.

Bump when done :3

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Kk approved and 1000 zennies given

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